Set number 2 – My real life style

Today’s set is made completely out of my real life style. I don’t wear any “high fashion” clothing, therefore I mostly wear plain jeans, a pretty black shirt with some beautiful necklace and a long sleeve cardigan.
I don’t have the guts to wear high heels just yet, but here – I wanted to include them to add the style some feminism. The purse adds some feminism, as well. The sunglasses on the other hand just makes us look more classy.

The price for this kind of clothing goes up to 993,10 € (the sunglasses not included). However, the purse’s price is 865 € alone! Which means that if we don’t add this purse to the style (since we already have a lot of elements going on), the price for this clothing would be 128,10 €.
Celozaslonski zajem 6.7.2015 105126.bmpCelozaslonski zajem 6.7.2015 105122.bmp
My ABSOLUTE favorite items are both the shoes and the cardigan. I think they mix together great and I love this black and blue combination. I also have an obsession with platform shoes since … Forever. Looking at prices, they don’t even cost a lot. Especially the shoes are often more expensive. The jeans I picked cost 69€ and this beautiful simple black shirt costs 8,10€ (which is reduced or 12€ – the old price).
Celozaslonski zajem 6.7.2015 105906.bmp

Here is a set of the user , using the beautiful shoes I used in a “all black” combination.

If you liked any of the items I used in my set, you can click on the item in the text and the url will lead you to Polyvore where you can purchase them. If I haven’t added the url, it means the item is sadly sold out.

I’ll hear from you soon.

Sending fashion kisses,


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