Set number 3 – The love of red

Tpolyvoreforever-young89oday’s set is all about the love of red which I mixed together with black and white. I’ve said before that my absolute favorite colour to dress in is black. Well, I love mixing black with colours which are more alive, so the whole look isn’t boring. I love patterns as well, as they bring some kind of joy into the look.
At the end, I brought together everything I love (high heels included) and this is what we get as the result. A red crop top that costs only 9,08€ which is incredibly cheap. These days, for a price like that, we only get simple black shirts with stripes. Long sleeve shirt for a little colder days that will make our style something special, at the price of 12€. Pencil skirt at the price of 59€. The whole look costs 80,08 € without the high heels. I couldn’t get the exact price for those, but apparently they cost around 98,79€. Let’s just say we’ll find something cheaper to go with, haha.
croptop-polyvore-forever-young89pencilskirtpolyvore-forever-young89My favorite items of this look are both the crop top and the pencil skirt. I love the collar on the crop top, because it can make a woman look more mature and sophisticated, since it’s not showing the cleavage. I love the colour as well!
1387209207_jesy-nelson-tattoo-rose-little-mix-perrie-edwards-the-x-factor-leigh-anne-pinnock-jade-thirwell-instagram-zayn-malikAbout that pencil skirt … Jesy Nelson from Little Mix often wears pencil skirts. And she is so right! A pencil skirt covers more than enough, but makes the legs still look appealing. It forms a beautiful figure, as it’s tight around the hips. It brings the best out of a woman’s body.
You can always pair it with beautiful heels.
I love platform shoes, but anything can go with it.
If you buy a pencil skirt with patterns, it looks even better. It’s the new trend of rock and formal style. And I am honestly in love with it.

That’s about it for today’s fashion. If you want to buy any of the items I’ve used in my set (except heels), you can click on the words above and the URL will send you to Polyvore where you can purchase the items.

Sending fashion kisses,


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