Set number 4 – Black is the colour of life.

Tpolyvoreforever-young89oday’s look is nearly completely black and I am not going to lie … I love it! This is a grunge/rock style and it’s the kind of style that I like the most.
I have a clear obsession with hats. I don’t know what is the deal with that, but I guess I just believe that hats make us look cooler.
Looking at this set, it’s definitely something I would wear in real life if I had the money, body AND confidence to do it, haha. The only item I am a little sceptical of are the shoes. I wouldn’t normally wear them, but they go nicely with the rest of the items.
topshoptop000forever-young89maxandchloenecklace000forever-young89Picking my favorite items in a set that contains everything I like is rather tough. There are two items that gladly stand out, though. In real life, I don’t wear much colour or patterns. I like black, because I feel comfortable in it. I don’t like looking boring though, so everytime I pair an “all black look”, I have to add a necklace to it. That’s why my first favorite item is this necklace.
Even though I don’t wear patterns casually, I still love them. I think they make a woman look more courageous and interesting. I also like these “stripes” that go around the neck. That’s why my second favorite item is this gorgeous top.
skirthatpurse000forever-young89Looking at the prices, you can tell I haven’t picked the items carefully. The necklace and top are sadly both sold out. However, we can still buy the hat, purse, skirt and the shoes. To be honest … They are all quite expensive. The skirt costs 140€ (295€ not reduced). Sunglasses cost 315€ (420€ not reduced). The purse costs 1445€.nastygalshoes000forever-young89
are obviously the cheapest at the cost of 57€ (although they are sold out as well).
Our whole look costs 1900€ with reduced prices without the top, necklace, shoes and the hat. Since the top, shoes and the necklace are all sold out, we sadly can’t use them.
But, here is a quick tip: the hat I used in the set costs 220€, the one I own costed 15€.Therefore, if you liked my set and would like to buy the items, I advise you to buy similiar items, not exact. (For example, hats all look the same more or less and so do skirts and sunglasses). However, If you can afford them, click on the words and the URL will send you to Polyvore.

Fashion kisses,


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