Set number 5 – The dog days are over

Celozaslonski zajem 9.7.2015 155828.bmpThis is probably one of the most classy sets I have ever made. This would be signed “Tamara” all over if I added a hat, used a backpack instead of the purse, used a black skirt, a necklace and a pair of platform shoes. And this set … Well, it’s almost none of those, is it? On behalf of my actualy style, the shirt would actually be the only one that would stay!
However, even though I probably wouldn’t wear this, I love this set. I love the pencil skirt, the beautiful white heels and the blouse with a bit of a pattern.
polyvoreforever-young89I wouldn’t want to be repeating myself, because I used a pencil skirt in one of the previous sets already. But pencil skirts truly scream “classy”. They are so incredibly feminime and beautiful. I love this skirt’s colour as well, because it reminds of joy and freedom and not at all of boredom. I was thinking about bringing even more colour to this style. I would have added a colourful shirt to go with the skirt, but I didn’t want too much explosion of the “matchy-matchy”.
polyvoeforever-young89Just as feminime and beautiful is this V-Neck blouse. It reveals a bit of skin to make the woman look young, but it’s not too daring, so a woman can still look classy. The trick of this blouse are the lines. They make a woman look thinner.
We could easily add a simple necklace to go with the blouse as well.

polyvoreHere is also another styling idea for everyone that prefer grunge instead. We can’t wear a pencil skirt for every situation anyway. This set was created by the user .

My style would have costed us 330€ with the reduced price of the blouse and without the bag and sunglasses or 1525€ with those two items.
My suggestion would be: buy the beautiful blouse and then improvise. The skirt is sadly sold out, so you would have to use something similar. The bag and the sunglasses are pretty expensive, so I’d rather find something cheaper in the shop. Shoes cost 120€. If that isn’t pricey for you, go ahead and buy them. However, you can find just as gorgeous shoes in the shop for at least half the price.

I truly hope you liked my set. If you would consider buying any of the items I used (without the skirt which is sadly sold out), you can click on the words I used in the text and the URL will send you to Polyvore where you can purchase them.

Thank you for everything!

Fashion kisses,


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