Set number 6 – The battle with patterns

Wpolyvoreforever-young89e always have to be careful while matching up. We can go the safe way and only pair up two different colours we know look good together. OR be bolder. Louise Roe likes wearing more than just two colours. With her fashion sense, it still looks beautiful and trendy. Another step forward when it comes to pairing can be matching up the patterns. Not every pattern works well together. We have to be careful to not match the outfit too much. It can remember of “trashy” looks and we never want to go for that. Today I’ve put together an outfit with two patterns, which is quite bold for me. I think they suit together well and I would wear this in real life.

polyvoreforever-young89My favorite puzzle of this look are the shoes. I like platforms with an edgy, rock look. I could see myself pulling these off with any kind of dressing (besides an actual dress). They would go well with jeans, colourful pants, trousers with patterns … Anything our mind could think of. I like the plain look of the shoes, since the patterns of the clothing are bold enough.

polyvoreforever-young89My second favorite item are these trousers. I remember they were incredibly trendy couple of 10-years back. Nearly every kid owned one of these (with colourful options as well). That’s why I was never a fan of these trousers. I thought of them as a too much of a casual item. If everybody owns it, it’s nothing special. The pattern made me a little … Weird, as well. But as I have grown up, I started looking at them as another edgy and rock item. Not everyone can pull them off, but everyone that can, make them look gorgeous.

polyvoreforever-young89 polyvoreforever-young89This top is quite sporty and simple, but it comes nicely with this kind of an outfit.
And the next trend: wearing shirts over a top. It’s a casual kind of a trend and it doesn’t make us incredibly feminime or anything like that. But, what’s comfy, is cool as well.

All in all, I think this is a street look. We can pull it off as a school outfit and show our style by being edgy, but not inappropriate.
Bag included (1350€), this outfit would cost us 2038€. With the shirt and shoes being sold out, we would need 1663€. Since the bag would take out a lot of money, let’s agree we’ll find a cheaper item. At the end, for the trousers and the top we need 313€.
However, we can agree that finding cheaper trousers the same look wouldn’t be a problem. Adding the look different, but similiar shoes and a shirt + a bag, if you are careful, your look can surely be cheaper than 313€.

If you want to puchase any of the items, click on the words.

That’s all from me.
Till next time,
your Tamara


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