Set number 7 – Black not included

I think it was about time for me to cresetate a set where black isn’t included! So, here we are then. A formal, but casual style at the same time. I’ve matched different colours, added a pattern, a necklace, beautiful shoes … The final product is something I would definitely wear in real life.
In a set like this where I just create and somehow put together the items that I love, it’s hard to pick my favorite item. Everything is beautiful and wearable to me. If you have your favorite item from this set, you should comment about it down in my comments!

shoes If my life was on the line, I’d pick these shoes as my favorite item. I love this colour!
It’s bright, simple, beautiful, youthful. And energetic as well. Looking at my set, the colours are quite pale,
but because of these shoes,
the set is still not boring.

I believe pantseveryone needs a pair of formal pants/trousers (not just for formal events) and I always prefer these over basic jeans. They are nearly created to make a woman’s figure look more feminine. They cover up the things we want to cover and highlight everything a woman loves about her body (booty!).


One item that my everyday style nearly NEEDS to have, is a necklace. No matter how simple your choices are, a necklace will be the final touch to something beautiful.
I am a huge fan of layered necklaces and since this set contains a very simple shirt, it’s the reason I had to include it 😉

My best friend is a huge fan of kimonos and I think thkimonoey are nearly perfect for casual styles. They’re not too “warm”, so you can add them to a style more for the accessory than an actual item (meaning, jackets). I love this pale colour of the item which makes me feel somehow happier and more comfortable in my skin. It’s a beautiful kimono that just adds up to my set.

topThe only item that is left to include is this simple top.
I didn’t want anything with a pattern, considering the fact that shoes and the kimono are the soul of this set and this style. Also! The necklace is interesting on itself, so that’s another reason why I wanted to go in casual.

At the end, that is everything I used in my set. The only thing I would change if I wanted to buy this set are the pants. They are quite expensive.
If you want to purchase any of the items, just click on the words in the text. If the items do not include URLs, they are sadly sold out.

I’ll hear from you as soon as next fashion post is ready!

Bye bye,


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