Set number 8 – The formal universe

I’ve polyvoresetbeen absent for some time, but I’ve really been trying to get inspired as much as possible, so I can create beautiful sets and upload them later on this site. I’ve honestly been “suffering” from the lack of inspiration, so that kind of explains why I haven’t posted anything in such a time.
But I am back here, with a new formal set
that contains live and interesting colours and I am truly happy with my work! πŸ˜‰


One thing you “need” to know about me is that I simply love pants! I despise jeans and if I only had the courage to actually wear my style in real life, I wouldn’t own even one pair of jeans. Pants are beautiful, feminine. They are great for any kind of a body figure: skinny, fuller. They hide your calfs and higlight the butt. I don’t know what women want, but that’s something I’d search for! I also love the dreamy colour of these pants. Even though pants are normally more formal, the colour is casual and just free.
Celozaslonski zajem 23.7.2015 193159.bmpI am not entirely excited about this top (I normally don’t like strapless tops), but I think the colour
is the one that truly dragged me toward this item. Bright colours go great together and yellow and blue look simply stunning.


The good thing of the top is that we can use it for either casual or formal styles if we match it correctly. And that’s exactly the reason why I added a necklace. I wanted a richer look. Since the top is truly simple, the necklace brings out the sophistication.

My absolute favorite item are these expensive Another bright colour that matches well with the rest of the items, slim heels that express professionalism. Just shoes that make a woman look taller and therefore slimmer and shoes that areΒ shaped simple, but pretty.

I believe the bag brings the casualness to the look, therefore this style is more of a street style than an actual formal one. You can either use the bag or not.

That’s the end of this post. If you liked any of the items, please click on them to purchase them on Polyvore (those that don’t have an URL attached are sadly sold out).
You are always welcomed to express your opinion and comment on the post! πŸ™‚

Till next time,
your fashionista Tamara


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