Set number 11 – Stiffness in casualness

StiffCelozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 130223.bmp-001ness in casualness. If you think about it, this set is exactly that. If I replaced the high heels with a pair of sneakers, fashion sunglasses with a pair of regular glasses, … It would look a bit more casual. However, this way we have elements of both stiffness and casualness and it’s styled perfectly.

I surprised my own self. NormalCelozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 131223.bmply, I would style this top with a pair of either white or light blue trousers. Skirts would work, as well. I like the “boring” and “traditional” matching. I was never a fan of too many colours working together, even though those can be styled beautifully as well. However, I did style it with a black colour, so I haven’t taken such a huge step ahead … 😀

My favorite item is the skirt. ICelozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 131511.bmp like the fact that it’s a bit of a “see through” at the bottom. It brings the youth to the item itself. With this kind of length, if we used the whole material without the see through, it could come off as stiff. This way, we are feminine (since the skirt isn’t short), but not stiff.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 131833.bmpSince the style is quite dark (without the top), we could experiment a bit more with the shoes. I was thinking about adding either white or gentle blue high heels(I know, that typical styling AGAIN …). If you are more daring, you can use red, purple … If I decided to pick a “daring” colour, it would have been a gentle and soft one, considering the shade of the top. These shoes are a bit in between both black and dark blue, so even though I styled this whole style myself, I would have changed that.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 132316.bmp Celozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 132319.bmp Celozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 132359.bmpNow we add accessories. Just because of the pattern on the top, I wouldn’t add any necklaces. A bracelet? Maybe.
I added a purse and gentle pink sunglasses. You know me, though. If I can add a hat, I WILL add a hat.
Bottom line, I like what I styled.

What do you think about this set? Let me know in the comments!
Click on the words of the items if you want to purchase anything, the link will take you to Polyvore. If there is no link, the item is sadly sold out.
(Also, I am sorry for constantly picking up incredibly expensive items!)

Your fashion lover,


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