Set number 12 – Unusual and not expected.

It’s interesting how styles change with years. When I was younger, I swore to the “traditional” ways of dressing. For an example: if you want to go formal, you go formal all the way. It was the same with the casual style. You either wear jeans and sneakers or fansy trousers and high heels. Matching different styles Celozaslonski zajem 8.8.2015 133956.bmpsounded like a nigtmare to me.
But then, with years … I learned that being creative and original is what matters when you are tailoring your own special style. Anything you’d like to match together, can look good. Even if the public normally doesn’t accept those standards and even if it’s accepted as something “weird” and unusual.
This is what this style is to everyone who swears to the traditional dressing, then. Unusual and not expected.
Celozaslonski zajem 10.8.2015 153026.bmpI am normally not such a fan of jeans in general, let alone “BOYFRIEND” jeans. I believe they are quite comfortable (more than skinny jeans can be, anyway), but I never liked the shape they have.  I was also a firm believer that these cuts on the jeans make you look … disordered. However, fashion taste can change, unusual items get popular and styling items that normally aren’t as pretty with fansy items makes the whole look wealthier. That’s why I decided not to style these jeans with sneakers.

Celozaslonski zajem 10.8.2015 153655.bmpMy favorite item of this set is the top. It contains a beautiful pattern, bare shoulders and it still somehow keeps the simplicity we sometimes want to achieve. The only “fear” I have while styling this top with the jeans is that the belly might be showing. Normally, it’s better to style tops with jeans that have a high waist, so a) you don’t look too tall with the showing belly (which often happens to taller people) AND b) you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Celozaslonski zajem 10.8.2015 154338.bmpCelozaslonski zajem 10.8.2015 154334.bmpBeing traditional can be boring. That’s why adding high heels to not-so-fansy jeans sounds perfect to me. To brigthen the style up, I also used a red bag. We can experiment with the colours: brighten the heels, hide the colour of the bag … Whatever suits you is OK. I usualy like matching up shoes and the top, so that explains my decision.

Well, lovelies, that is all. You can add necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings … I wouldn’t complicate with those accessories too much, maybe just add a choker to the beautiful top.
If you want to purchase any of the items, click on the words. The link will take you to Polyvore. If there is no link, the item is sadly sold out.

Please don’t feel afraid to comment on my choices, say what changes would you bring up to the set. Do you like this set or not?

Till next time,
your fashion lover Tamara


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