Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards 2015

Uh la la! Since I am not such a huge fan of the music that is popular nowadays, I don’t get excited over awards because of the live performances. However, I get incredibly excited about red carpet (or this time BLUE carpet) looks. Sexy, cute, funny, unbelievable … It’s all there.

Okay, how gorgeous is Emma Roberts? White is such a pure colour and we all know how popular patterns are. She looks so cute and the dress fits her perfectly. I also love the shoulder touch of this dress too!

If my memory is right, Lucy Hale likes wearing patterns with roses quite a lot. I am not obsessed of the pattern, but the dress is overall edgy and, yes – her style.
I think she couldn’t have picked a better red/blue carpet look, because she is one of the rare women that can pull it off.
Nina Dobrev … The first look is off the Teen Choice Awards 2015. I am not going to lie, something about that look reminds me of Hannah Montana. Is it the pattern? Yeah, I guess so. Looking at right – Nina Dobrev’s look for the People Choice Awards 2014 just says that she can do so much better. She is a gorgeous woman and she has a gorgeous style, but this year she just didn’t win my heart personally.

On the other hand, Lea Michele always wins my heart. She is quite known of wearing short dresses with a wavy end. Why not? She can pull it off. She looks so incredibly cute and girly!

Victoria Justice
. This is not my personal style, but the dress is both formal and fun. That is what makes me love it. It’s something totally special, her shoes are matched up and bottom line – her style is nearly flawless.

Zendaya makes me feel a little skeptical. I am deeeeply in love with that skirt, shoes are fancy, but the top is a little … Too fluffy for me. I also wish her hair was styled differently, as she is a beautiful girl naturally, with her hair down. I would also maybe use a necklace with this top (because of its cut), but … Even though I am not obsessed with her choices and I would fix the styling a bit, I still love this outfit on her. She is sexy for sure.

Little Mix were … Special for sure, haha! If you are a fan, you know they used these outfits in their new video Black Magic. They were promoting their track, which I find charming. I also respect the fact that girls clearly have some balls, popping at a red/blue carpet dressed like that! They are having fun, why not?! They are all incredibly beautiful women, though. So a part of me still wishes they pulled on their formal dresses, as I am sure they would quickly be a part of best dressed celebrities of the event.
Little Mix at Cosmo Women Awards 2014.

I really like Janel Parrish‘s look! It’s another of an edgy style. Not anyone can pull it off and not everyone wants to. But she is so pretty and I even like the whole styling (apart from the purse, even though it brings the look some colour).

Would you look at that, of all the looks that I have written about, none of them were a man’s! Oooops. Richard Brancatisano looks amazing. His style seems like he is wearing tons of designers. Bottom line, he probably really is 😀

Jenn McAllister (left) looks so girly and beautiful! Another pure, white choice. I am a little skeptical about that lace, but it does honestly suit her. There’s Peyton List on our right. Can I just say how this is 100% my style? The only thing I am not sure of is her styled hair, but that outfit is definitely one of my favorites (shoes included!)

Conclusion: a lot of celebrities were nicely dressed (even a couple I didn’t talk about here) and every red carpet has some bad styling choices as well (I will not talk about those).
I liked this red/blue carpet. Which one was your favorite outfit? What celebrity wore an outfit you liked least?
Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,
your fashion lover


3 thoughts on “Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards 2015

  1. Hi Tamara, I am dying to know who made the dress worn by Jenn Mcallister and cannot seem to find out. If you know or can find out, I would so appreciate it! thank you


    1. Hello, Katie! I sadly can’t track the dress down, either. I tried asking Jenn on Instagram and will let you know if I get an answer. In the meantime, you can try asking her on social media, too! Good luck.


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