Set number 17 – Older and new.

I feel as if I love the “old fashioned” looks every day more. If I could shop the FRIENDS cloCelozaslonski zajem 17.9.2015 173105.bmpthing from Monica and Rachel, I would honestly do that. (If anyone off the team has those clothes, please message me :P)
I like modern fashion as well. I like being dressed by trends from time to time. But sometimes, all those trends just give you a headache … Crop tops that cover only the minimum – baggy clothes that make you look twice as big, on the other hand … And then there is modern fashion I cannot afford OR FIND in simple shops … That sucks as well. Either way, bottom line is that my fashion sense is created with both trendy and “older” items. Just looking at the set, we could say that the top and the skirt are trendy, whereas the shoes and the sunglasses somehow remind of the 90s. This set is then a mix of both fashions. “Older and new.”

Celozaslonski zajem 17.9.2015 173749.bmpI love tops with bare shoulders! They somehow bring the formal site of fashion. This top is indeed simple – no patterns, black … But it is so sophisticated and beautiful. Another good side of these kind of tops is the fact that you can combine them with beautiful necklaces and not overdo the look in the mean time.

Celozaslonski zajem 17.9.2015 174300.bmpEvery now and then I include a pencil skirt in my set. Honestly … I have no regrets. I wouldn’t even regret it if I used a pencil skirt in every set. I’ve said before – I love the length of these kind of skirts, because it’s just appropriate. I love the cut – how they make your booty pop, but your legs slim. If there is a simple pattern on the skirt, it’s a “must”. Every woman should own this and every woman should rock it.
Celozaslonski zajem 17.9.2015 174718.bmp
I didn’t say it yet, but I love every single item in this set. If I had to choose the favorite one, though, it would be the shoes. I always love when women wear these kind of shoes in the 90s movies and TV shows and now they are coming back to fashion! I need them. And I will buy them.

The same thing is happening with roCelozaslonski zajem 17.9.2015 174954.bmpund sunglasses. They used to be incredibly popular, now they are making a come back in vintage and rock fashion. Sooner or later, everyone will be wearing them and the 90s fashion will slowly start to return.

Last in the line: we gotta pick accessories. Use rings, necklaces, bracelets … A golden simple necklace would go perfect with that bare shoulders top.
BecauseCelozaslonski zajem 17.9.2015 175614.bmp I wanted to add some colour to the set, I picked this beautiful bag created in Italy with a blue-green colour.
It’s just as sophisticated as every other item
that I picked up for this set.

Click on words of the items if you want to purchase anything. If there is no URL, the item is sadly sold out.

Till next time,
fashion lover


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