Red Carpet: Emmy Awards 2015

Hello everybody! I will be doing a veeeery quick recap of this year’s Emmys red carpet looks. I will probably publish another fashion post later on today (or tomorrow for sure), so I won’t focus on the length of this post, as I will focus on pictures. Enjoy this post and tell me your opinions.

1. We saw a lot of dark outfits this year, many celebrities were aiming at elegance. Here are a couple of those DARK outfits that were my favorite. Let’s start right away.

                              Derek Hough with his sister Julianne Hough

Lady Gaga
on the left. This time, without rubber gloves; Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker on the right

I adore Amy Poehler‘s youthful look made by Michael Kors SO MUCH.

Next on – Felicity Huffman who didn’t look at all like a “desperate housewife” (like her character Lynette). Instead, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

                                     Another elegant look – Julia Louis Dreyfus

Julie Bowen, known as Claire Dunphy from Modern family looked exactly that. Modern.

2. Next in the order of business are beautiful colourful outfits. Let’s talk about my favorites.

I love the fact that January Jones (on the left) captured that country look on the red carpet, while still looking quite elegant. The green colour is a bold one, but it suits her beautifully.
On the other hand – Emma Roberts (on the right) used the colour that goes best with her skin tone. She is a pale beauty and the dress shows that even better.

                                        Maisie Williams being pretty in pink.
                                     And then Ariel Winter being dangerous in red.

3. Every now and then celebrities love being original and covered in patterns. There is only ONE look I loved.

                                                         Chelsea Peretti
4. Every red carpet has looks we are not sure about. We like them, but at the same time they haven’t grown onto us as our favorite looks. Here are mine.

James Carden and Julia Carey, Natasha Lyonne, Danielle Brooks in her bright colours and Sophie Turner in a combination of black&blue. Each and every look has the potential, but hasn’t made onto my list of favorites.
                               Couple allert. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello.

5. Shiny, shiny.
There are two shiny looks that I really liked and they deserve being mentioned in this post.
                                                   Penelope Ann Miller

                            Such an easy going look worn by Debbie Matenopoulos

6. Now I have to end this post in style. Here are my first and second favorite outfits of the whole red carpet. Ready?
The second place of the best dressed celebrity of the entire red carpet goes to Joanne Froggatt. I adore the pink and black combination on the elegant, but playful look.
BEST DRESSED LADY OF THE EVENT IS SARAH HYLAND. This is my number one favorite outfit of the entire red carpet. Sarah looked mature and elegant, but still young and beautiful.

Gosh, this is my recap. I guess it didn’t end up being just as short as I promised.
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