Autumn Special

Hello everybody! I won’t be posting new posts as usual as you may be used to, because I have a lot of work to do at school. But … It’s Autumn time in my country and outfit ideas are always welcomed, right?
I know I find a lot of inspiration from other people. I don’t have to buy the items that somebody else used in an outfit to have a fresh idea of a certain style.
That’s why I am posting a couple of my favorite “could be” Autumn outfits for you. Those sets are older, finding the items could therefore be difficult. But I’ll give you links to informations of the outfit and you can at least try. If nothing else, maybe you get a fresh idea for an Autumn look.
If there is different weather in your town and you wish to see some ideas, let me know. My Polyvore is full of possibilities.
Celozaslonski zajem 9.10.2015 172453.bmpMy favorite item in this first set is the coat. I love the gentle effect of the blue colour. I also have to congratulate myself for creating something that doesn’t even contain a lot of black colour 😛
To make this outfit look more Autumn-like, we could change the top with something with sleeves (and something warmer). I like the jeans and the shoes are just perfect. Maybe not exactly perfect for rain, but they are a fashionable “accessory”. So … Wear them when the rain settles down and Autumn looks less like an actual Autumn.

Celozaslonski zajem 9.10.2015 172921.bmpWhat would Autumn be like if we wouldn’t use our coats? Probably useless … That’s why I used green, sleep-ish coat in this second look. I’ve kind of just matched everything up: the green and the black colour. We can add a scarf to make this look a little warmer. If there is rain outside, high hCelozaslonski zajem 9.10.2015 173200.bmpeels aren’t that great and in those times, we can use boots. These that I aditionaly added to the set are one of my favorite.

Celozaslonski zajem 9.10.2015 173427.bmpWhen it comes to Autumn, I am (pretty) sure we won’t need the sunglasses in this third look. However, those shoes are quite perfect for the weather. I would love wearing them in any kind of weather and that’s why they are so trendy and are searched by many. Another jacket, another jeans … The top reminds us more of Spring than Autumn … But that’s easily fixed. Any jacket looks good, even if we use a shirt with longer sleeves (yet again).

Looking at these sets, I am sure we can both agree they need changes for an Autumn use (as I’ve mentioned). But, I don’t really like creating cozy and warm outfits, so maybe this will have to do for some time.
We could wear this. Autumn isn’t as cold in the beginning. We just have to plan things out.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you like it.
Ask me for help if you need ideas creating an outfit for a certain standard.

Bye, bye!
your Tamara


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