Hello, everyone! I feel as if I haven’t been the best blogger of the year lately. And I also feel as if I am apologizing a lot, so this time, I won’t do that. I will do something else, though …
I’ve decided on changing this site a bit. The theme, the URL and everything will stay untouched. But I have noticed a lot of my sets look similiar (since … it IS my style, you know? :D). Therefore – a lot of descriptions look similiar.
From now on, I will try to be active with creatings, but I won’t focus on my writing as much.
I feel as it’s more important for me to share my style and give other people ideas, rather than actually explain everything that I love.

I still encourage you to comment on my posts, express your style, ask more about mine and give me ideas/requests for possible future creatings.

For now … This.
Celozaslonski zajem 11.12.2015 214512.bmp
If you like looking like a black queen, this will be your thing. As it is mine.

Inspired by one of my favorite brands: Chicnova (top), John Lewis (skirt), Nasty Gal (shoes).
I’ve created a black, simple, but magic look for Spring. Winter … Go away quickly! I’ve also added two of my most favorite items: a hat and a bag.
Adding a dark lipstick and a set of rings would only upgrade this creation.

Because it’s my style … I like it. But what do you think?

Will this blog change be alright to you, by the way?

I’ll hear from you soon,


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