It’s a lot easier to style a dress, then two different pieces. It’s a fact. I also prefer dresses, because I think they have a beautiful flow. I prefer skirts over jeans as well. I am not a very girly girl and there was a phase when I couldn’t see a skirt before my eyes … Now, I don’t feel exactly confident in dresses/skirts either, but I still prefer wearing them. It’s feminine and beautiful.

Celozaslonski zajem 22.12.2015 170716.bmp

I am not a huge fan of these jackets, but sometimes you just know you should stop pulling of all-black outfits šŸ˜›
It’s tough to say what kind of an outfit this is. I guess it’s a mixture of Autumn and Spring.
To add the badass look, I’ve styled these shoes.

What’s your style? Could this set possibly be an outfit idea for you, or not?

Let me know in the comments šŸ˜‰
Also, if you want to purchase any items, please let me know. I’ve decided I won’t include any URLs, because it takes me a lot of time, but it’s a waste, because nobody has used one before.

Till next time!


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