RED CARPET: The Oscars 2016 – Best Looks

Hello everybody! THE OSCARS! I haven’t watched the show yet, because the struggle of living in Slovenia is more than real, but I’ve gathered my favorite red carpet looks of this event. Maybe if you scroll down enough, you’ll see some other moments as well …

Olivia Wilde reminds me of an Egyptian princess with this kind of a styling; a daring dress with a gorgeous necklace and beautifully styled hair. I’d say I can find other styling choices of her that I would prefer, but I am loving this white look nonetheless!
Leeeeg game is in for Rachel McAdams! I am not a total fan of the green, but she is working it! It’s also fun to mention that keeping your hair up is definitely a trend, especially for formal events.

IFNext on my list of best dressed are Eddie Redmayne, a nominee for the catefory “Best Actor in the leading role” and his lady Hannah Redmayne. I love Hannah’s dress! It’s definitely something I would personally choose to wear. And they look so cute together!

 88th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsIF
Olivia Munn looked stunning, too! Orange may not be the new black, but at least we know simplicity is the new trend. I love how she even matched the colour of her lips with the dress. The only thing I am missing is a little *bling bling* (a necklace?), but it’s alright!louise-roe-oscars-2016-academy-awardsI eeespecially have to talk about Louise Roe. She posted a couple of options for the Oscars on social media, asking everybody who is following her to vote for the best option and I am SO glad she wore this peachy dress, the one I voted for amongst others! She is absolutely gorgeous.

Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga648342_1
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney expressed their couple game, which is – even though Lady Gaga seems taller than him in this picture – pretty strong.
Lady Gaga performed at the event as well and I’ve noticed people gave her full support over on the social medias (such as Twitter). I haven’t watched it yet, but everyone says it was incredibly powerful.netimgA5kPwU.previewWe can freely say (probably) at least half of the world wants to see these two together and they’ve been the best part of the Oscars! Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have shown each other support over so many years. They may not be couple goals, but they are friendship goals FOR SURE.

CcX1lEjUkAA7QqEThe love in Leo’s eyes years ago when Kate won an Oscar VS. the love in Kate’s eyes in the year of 2016 when Leo won one as well.

CcX6aNxUUAA4jgHDiCaprio is one of those actors who has been in the movie industry for so long that we’ve watched him “grow up” and we’ve “grew up” watching his movies. The love and support he has gotten on the social media has been HUGE and I have to say that his win has brought so many happiness to me! I’ve wanted him to win an Oscar for far too long, I respect him as an actor and he is such a humble human being. So, I congratulate him on this amazing win. We do not take you for granted, Leo!

There are other red carpet looks that were amazing and congratulations go to everyone who won an Oscar. It seems as it was an amazing night!

What was your favorite red carpet look or your favorite moment of the night? Let me know in the comments!


Where the lines overlap

Hello everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of red carpets and less style sets lately, but don’t worry, here is a creation for you!
setThere are a couple of things I love about this creation.
It includes clothes that make a woman look slim, sophisticated, but not uptight or boring. I don’t usually use nude colours, as some women tend to look too pale if they wear them, but I’ve made an exception. I’ve matched the top, shoes and bag. If you look at it closely, you can see the top and the skirt are made of a similiar material, because they both have nearly invisible lines all over it. The two items match up beautifuly. We also know lines on clothing tend to make a person look slimmer if used properly and the cardigan has them, which matches up with the skirt’s main line (the zipper, actually). Sunglasses bring the mistery to this set, so you can walk down the street and people can look at you in awe.

What do you think of this set? The only thing that bothers me is the fact that I couldn’t find exact shades of the nude to match the items, but I guess nobody will die if the nudes don’t exactly match 😛

Do you have any suggestions or wishes as to what my next creation should be?
Talk to me in the comments!

Red carpet: Brit Awards 2016

Hello everyone! The Brits had their fun this weekend! Brit Awards 2016! A magazine called this red carpet “the worst red carpet ever” which I wouldn’t exactly agree with, because every red carpet has its misses. But let’s check it out, shall we?

Celozaslonski zajem 25.2.2016 124819.bmp
I am not a hater of Charli XCX‘s look, but I feel as if she is too pale for this colour. Brighter colours suit her better and make her look more alive.

LW_2707827aEE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

Something about Laura Whitmore‘s dress reminds me of KISS’ costumes. It’s not her most stylish pick. Let’s compare it with the  BAFTAs red carpet (right) where she looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, thin, wealthy, you name it! People who styled her for Brits did her total injustice.

Lana Del Rey (left) and Florence Welch (right)

Rihanna was looking young and pretty (left), but she is a fashion icon and we know she can do so much better (right) than just innocent purple!

little-mix-red-carpet-arrivals-brit-awards-2016-1456339359-view-0My ABSOLUTE favorite were Little Mix girls! They looked stunning in a gold&white palette.

The Brit Awards 2015
Heads up! They brought their mommas too!

kylie-minogue-2016-brit-awards-red-carpet.jpg                                                             Kylie Minogue

1533.jpg                                                    Adele – the lady in red

I also have to mention Adele was the star of the night by winning FOUR awards! Congratulations!

                                               Louis and Liam of One Direction

You can see many more outfits over here, because I am more of a lazy person and don’t feel like mentioning everybody, sorry!

What was your favorite look of the night? Let me know in the comments!

Since I live in Slovenia, I haven’t watched the whole show yet, but let me know what was your favorite moment! I’ve only seen Little Mix’s performance and I think they were beyond amazing. I also wish they won an award (they were nominated twice), but their time will come!

Celozaslonski zajem 25.2.2016 133548.bmp

Red carpet: 2016 GRAMMYS

GRAMMYS! 2016! RED CARPET! Shall we?

Anna Kendrick looked absolutely stunning! I love the way she styled her hair, I love her make up … She didn’t exaggerate with jewelry and looks super expensive with the beautiful earrings. Now, we know a long black dress could be a classic, but the cut and the lace are preventing us from thinking that Anna is “only pulling off a classic”.

We know Adele has a huge amount of talent.  But not only that, she popped up at this red carpet – also wearing black, but with a glittery pattern.

So, yeah, black is a classic. It’s known as super formal, who can blame our girls? Demi Lovato is the third singer that is werking this red carpet.  Look at that leg game! And that coat cut? DAMN! She looks so #confident. With all the positive body image, she is a huge idol for all women out there.

Let’s add this post some colour! Still looking quite glamorous and formal, but with a touch of girliness is Ellie Goulding. I love the fact that this dress isn’t overly complicated, but the necklace is super expensive and this hairstyle looks good!

You know what? It’s easier for men to look good and Justin Bieber isn’t necessarily one of my favorites. However, I once criticized his red carpet look (the one that included a red cardigan, what was that about?), so I feel as if I owe it to all of you (and to my friend who is a huge Belieber 😛 ) to point out that, yes, he looks good. Also, right picture! As you can see, he took his little brother to this red carpet. That’s incredibly cute.

Those are my favorite Grammy looks. Wanna see more?

Taylor Swift disappointed me. This look was just a lot of weird places of bare skin and a colour palette of two colours that quite frankly don’t suit together. I absolutely loved her look last year, though (right)!

Selena Gomez, Tori Kelly, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga.

There are SO MANY other looks I haven’t mentioned (good, bad, worse …), but – as always. Check out the internet for other looks 🙂

I think Anna Kendrick and Demi Lovato are my personal picks for best dressed this red carpet. What was your favorite red carpet look? Let me know in the comments!

CONGRATULATIONS goes to everybody and not just for their red carpet looks, but for nominations and wins! I am incredibly happy Pentatonix and Ed Sheeran went home with (a) Grammy(s). It’s a shame Tori Kelly was robbed off of one at the Best New Artist category, because I’ve been rooting for her and she would have deserved it. But okay.

Right … Till next time, then, babes!



Older reality

I’ve been having a really relaxing day! I took a bath, drank some milk, watched a serie and listened to a lot of old music. I love the older times. I love them so much I’d live them again. It’s not that I don’t like changes, but the past … The “older reality” … Man, it was great.
So, today, I found some inspiration in the older days while creating a new set.

Brez naslovaIt’s this thing where every single human has their own way of thinking, so maybe this reminds you of the past fashion and maybe it doesn’t, who knows. I know personally it reminds me of the vintage style. I’ve said it multiple times I love it. I probably always will.
I am not exactly a fan of grey and I wear it rarely to never. But I like the contrast between the grey and black that gives me a soothing feeling, like black&grey movies do.
I don’t exactly love it when people wear glasses when they don’t have eye problems, but glasses are definitely becoming a fashion accessory. And you gotta look cute, girl.

What do you think of this? Would you anyhow rearrange this, so it would suit to your personal style more? Let me know in the comments!

Fantasy about the shoes.

I reeeeally šuhilove platform shoes. It’s the next big thing and I’ve just been creating a bit and making different styles with these shoes specificaly. I then decided I could have shared this on the blog! Not a bad idea, right?
The shoes are probably the one item that is the easiest to style. They suit nearly with everything. Alright, I wouldn’t exactly use these shoes for a very formal business event, but they’re styled easier than a shirt or any other clothing.

Ready for some rock? I didn’t want to go all black. Black is a great choice, but I felt like including something a bit softer this time.

2Who knows what’s up with me and patterns today, but I had to include these pants. I also felt as if the choker suited with the styling. The only thing: alright, we’ve got a cropped top, so we need a higher waist on those pants.

3This one is just to show everybody that you can be dressed nicely and include a formal hat and a coat with platforms. Literally anything is possible. You are creating your own styling. Be CREATIVE.

Which option of styling is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!
Till next time,