Fantasy about the shoes.

I reeeeally šuhilove platform shoes. It’s the next big thing and I’ve just been creating a bit and making different styles with these shoes specificaly. I then decided I could have shared this on the blog! Not a bad idea, right?
The shoes are probably the one item that is the easiest to style. They suit nearly with everything. Alright, I wouldn’t exactly use these shoes for a very formal business event, but they’re styled easier than a shirt or any other clothing.

Ready for some rock? I didn’t want to go all black. Black is a great choice, but I felt like including something a bit softer this time.

2Who knows what’s up with me and patterns today, but I had to include these pants. I also felt as if the choker suited with the styling. The only thing: alright, we’ve got a cropped top, so we need a higher waist on those pants.

3This one is just to show everybody that you can be dressed nicely and include a formal hat and a coat with platforms. Literally anything is possible. You are creating your own styling. Be CREATIVE.

Which option of styling is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!
Till next time,


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