Red carpet: 2016 GRAMMYS

GRAMMYS! 2016! RED CARPET! Shall we?

Anna Kendrick looked absolutely stunning! I love the way she styled her hair, I love her make up … She didn’t exaggerate with jewelry and looks super expensive with the beautiful earrings. Now, we know a long black dress could be a classic, but the cut and the lace are preventing us from thinking that Anna is “only pulling off a classic”.

We know Adele has a huge amount of talent.  But not only that, she popped up at this red carpet – also wearing black, but with a glittery pattern.

So, yeah, black is a classic. It’s known as super formal, who can blame our girls? Demi Lovato is the third singer that is werking this red carpet.  Look at that leg game! And that coat cut? DAMN! She looks so #confident. With all the positive body image, she is a huge idol for all women out there.

Let’s add this post some colour! Still looking quite glamorous and formal, but with a touch of girliness is Ellie Goulding. I love the fact that this dress isn’t overly complicated, but the necklace is super expensive and this hairstyle looks good!

You know what? It’s easier for men to look good and Justin Bieber isn’t necessarily one of my favorites. However, I once criticized his red carpet look (the one that included a red cardigan, what was that about?), so I feel as if I owe it to all of you (and to my friend who is a huge Belieber 😛 ) to point out that, yes, he looks good. Also, right picture! As you can see, he took his little brother to this red carpet. That’s incredibly cute.

Those are my favorite Grammy looks. Wanna see more?

Taylor Swift disappointed me. This look was just a lot of weird places of bare skin and a colour palette of two colours that quite frankly don’t suit together. I absolutely loved her look last year, though (right)!

Selena Gomez, Tori Kelly, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga.

There are SO MANY other looks I haven’t mentioned (good, bad, worse …), but – as always. Check out the internet for other looks 🙂

I think Anna Kendrick and Demi Lovato are my personal picks for best dressed this red carpet. What was your favorite red carpet look? Let me know in the comments!

CONGRATULATIONS goes to everybody and not just for their red carpet looks, but for nominations and wins! I am incredibly happy Pentatonix and Ed Sheeran went home with (a) Grammy(s). It’s a shame Tori Kelly was robbed off of one at the Best New Artist category, because I’ve been rooting for her and she would have deserved it. But okay.

Right … Till next time, then, babes!




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