Love stoned

How crazy has this May been?! The weather is confusing and picking up clothes to wear is even more confusing. Whenever I feel desperate, I start matching things up and playing around with clothes on Polyvore.

Celozaslonski zajem 25.5.2016 153050.bmpWhen the heat goes up, this is a possible outfit we can wear. Mornings are still a bit colder, that’s why I added a longer shirt to cover up the short top. If it gets hotter, we can lose the shirt. Then, you guys know I am always going to support the rock style, so I’ve matched up the hat and the sunglasses. The skirt can be a bit tricky, because tight items can make us feel sticky and uncomfortable. I don’t know whether it’s the price we are all willing to pay or not, but it’s an idea. The heel “represents” the elegance and I feel as if it suits together. This outfit has a couple of elegant items and a couple of every-day items.

Celozaslonski zajem 25.5.2016 154754.bmp

Here is another outfit for all the schoolers out there! You don’t have to be 100% feminine and playful to look good. This is something I would find appropriate to wear to school and the fact that I would feel comfortable in this is another plus. I’ve kept the top and the hat, everything else is different. I really wanted to use a white coat, because heat gets so much worse when you are wearing a black item – especially a black jacket. I know it from my personal experiences! I love black, but I might be a traitor this summer.

If you’d like, I can create more outfits using just one/a couple of items you prefer. You can ask for anykind of outfit ideas, I’d love to create for you! Let me know in the comments. You can also talk to me about your style and whether you’d wear this and where to.

Till next time!


Rock your body

Ah, hi guys! No post for an entire week … I know, I know, it’s a bit long. But will you believe me if I tell you I’ve lived through this week with a fast-forward button? Time is flying by way too soon and I am so covered up with all kind of responsibilities that I don’t even know what day it is. May is ending! Are you serious?

Anyway … Back to fashion, am I right? I normally write about outfits I’ve already posted on my Polyvore profilebut I’ve been playing around today and decided to show the work over here before I show it over there 😉

Celozaslonski zajem 21.5.2016 120438.bmpReady to get the sexy back? Are you ready to rock your body? Wait, have I been listening to Justin Timberlake too much once again? … Anyway! This outfit does describe that kind of a vibe to me. I like the playful pattern of the top, the elegant skirt (with a feminine cut to show your legs), rocking shoes … I feel like I’ve shown myself through fashion once again.

The first idea was to style that outfit with different shoeCelozaslonski zajem 21.5.2016 120944.bmps. I like how the top and these shoes kind of match, that’s why they were my first choice. But then I thought the top is bold enough by itself and maybe I’d like to use less patterns. However … It is an idea as to how you can spice the outfit up.

Celozaslonski zajem 21.5.2016 121618.bmp

I said it at the beginning of this post that I’ve been playing around, right? Well, before creating the upper outfit, this was another idea as to how I could style the top. At the end, it didn’t feel personal at all, because I know I wouldn’t be bold enough to wear something like that. But I do find the patterns playful and I’ve decided to present you the idea nonetheless!

So, do you like any of my playing? Let me know in the comments!

Elastic hearts

I think I’ve experimented quite a lot in this sCelozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 155925.bmpet and paired some items up that I usually wouldn’t. For an example … The white top seems so girly, so I’d usually pair it up with another bright and girly item. The jacket is rough, so it matches badass and rough items best. The skirt seems kind of boring, so I’d match it up with tops that in fact bring the attention, not simple items.

You see … You have to experiment in fashion – show your true self, but always be unexpected. This is still me in some ways, just that I’ve went a step further.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 155944.bmp
The shoes are my favorite item here. This pink gorgeous heel is more or less the only reason that you wouldn’t fall a sleep looking at this outfit. It brings life to the set itself.

It honestly seems as if some items are too much – the bag, maybe. It’s not needed here, unless you are truly going somewhere and need to store your stuff.

What’s your favorite item? Would you consider wearing this? If not, why not? Let me know in the comments!

Every day outfit

I aCelozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 154227.bmpm aware I don’t make outfits that can be used for every day that often. It’s more likely for me to use high heels and overly priced items. To make up for that, I’ve decided to create a set that I would consider wearing to school or for a walk outside. It wasn’t too hard to match these items up, because I’ve only used black, white and blue. The point of this is that we keep it simple. However, I admit – this top can still look a bit too formal, but if we take the flannel shirt that is tied to our waist off and put it on, it will instead look cool and casual. Add some rings, a necklace and you are ready to go.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 154759.bmp.jpgI think the shoes are awesome. Platform Oxford shoes have become incredibly popular! I own similiar ones and I can tell you I feel awesome in them. They look good, but they feel comfortable as well. It’s everything you need. If you maybe feel better in a pair of all-star, you can go through with those as well. Whenever I get tired of wearing the same item over and over again, I bring my all-star shoes back.

Would you consider wearing this outfit? What’s your favorite item or how would you change the set in order to fit your personal style? Let me know in the comments! 

Bluish vibes

Hi guys! I know I’ve become a little lazy with posting and I am sorry about that. I will try to prepare posts in advance and just schedule them to go on blog more often!

Celozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 151750.bmpI’ve prepared yet another set that is a mix of formal and casual. The pants could be styled with all kind of less formal items, but it’s fun to mix things up a bit. I love all of these items individually. The top, the cardigan … Shoes have to be my favorite, though, because they are the first item that draws you in. When you have darker and “sleepier” items in a set, shoes like these bring the fun and positivity in.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 152129.bmpGuys, don’t get mistaken! It’s important to point out the fact that this is indeed a cardigan, not a formal jacket/cropped coat. Maybe that kind of an item would suit the entire style better, but my main focus was the beautiful colour of this cardigan, so I just decided to leave it in.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 152527.bmpStyling can go on and on. I think the top, the cardigan and the shoes would look amazing with a skirt as well! This set seems a lot darker, but the skirt and the top suit together, that’s why I’ve decided to take some colour out. The shoes are still shining, so it’s no problem!
Just play around. Add in or take out some items and you’ll have an entirely different outfit! It’s fun.

Celozaslonski zajem 8.5.2016 152941.bmpHonestly, the skirt has to be one of my most favorite items ever. I’ve found it difficult to style it any other way, because it’s quite formal. But it’s beautiful to me – it’s vintage, feminine, yet seems comfortable and not overly complicated.

What’s your favorite item in these two very similiar sets, would you wear these outfits or how would you style the items individually? Let me know in the comments!