Piece by piece

There’s one thing I keep on forgetting on this blog! I never talk about overalls and I don’t think I’ve created anything with them either. It’s time to fix that.
I love overalls, they are so amazing. I got one just this year, I can’t wait to rock it everytime the weather gets a bit hotter.

Celozaslonski zajem 10.6.2016 191153.bmpI love how the colour of the overall and the cover of the heels match up together. The bluish fantasy isn’t a bold choice, but it’s not exactly boring. As long as the colours and the patterns work together – and as long as you feel good in an outfit – nothing else matters. Overalls are incredibly comfortable, so a pair of flats might be a more obvious choice than heels are … But you know, comfort isn’t everything ๐Ÿ˜›
I would have added a beautiful choker necklace to go with this.

Celozaslonski zajem 10.6.2016 191303.bmpI know I kind of returned to my safe black haven in this outfit, but let me explain myself! I would have never used black on black – if an overall is black, the top has to be brighter. And I prefer brighter overalls anyway. But the colours of the shoes and the bag light up this outfit and make it so much more exciting. So I didn’t want to include too much colour.
Celozaslonski zajem 10.6.2016 192504.bmp

My favorite type of overalls are the denim ones! This outfit is a promise of me – my favorite kind of an overall with a pair of safe flats, a girly top and a matching “denim” bag. This is the outfit you might find me wearing. Even though I love the first two outfits just as much ๐Ÿ™‚
And do you wear overalls? Which set is your favorite one? Let me know in the comments!



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