Here I am, back again

Hi guys! I’ve been busy … This month was quite tough, so I took a small break from all of this. I am sorry! I do have a new outfit for you now, though 🙂
Celozaslonski zajem 26.6.2016 200738.bmp
I love styling. I know I repeat some of the choices from time to time and I don’t get bolder with time at all … But if you have a personal style, it tends to repeat itself. That’s just how it is. I feel as if the jacket isn’t necessary in this combination at all. It’s actually a bit confusing. I added it, because I found the outfit empty, quite frankly 😀 I love combining red with black, because the combination makes you look badass. The red brings the attention, while the black brings some kind of relaxation.
My favorite item is the skirt. I love the belt and the cut, because it looks vintage. I do admit it’s a bit tricky to style, because it is elegant and beautiful.
What would you personally change in this outfit? Do you think a leather jacket would suit together with this combination, or is the skirt too elegant to be combined with an item like that? Let me know in the comments! And please don’t feel scared about talking about your personal style 🙂


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