Dark VS. Light

I hope I’ve proved you guys that I can make both lighter and darker sets. Of course, darker sets seem more personal, because I love wearing dark clothes. However, I have learned that not every outfit needs black, so I am growing 😉

I’ve decided to make two sets; each of them supports even dark or light colours (while they both have one item that is the same) and you can decide for me which one do you prefer.

Celozaslonski zajem 30.6.2016 172157.bmpAs I was making this set, the skirt was the first item I used and my first instict was to pair it up with a white top. When I looked more into the skirt itself, I noticed the red colour that popped out as the colour of the lips. I then decided red should be the centre of the attention. Therefore I dropped the idea of styling this skirt with a white top – even though that would have worked as well! Maybe even better. But I’ve decided to make a darker tone of an outfit. I love the top as much as I love the skirt. The cut of it is just beautiful. You can use it with many formal or casual items.

Celozaslonski zajem 30.6.2016 172206.bmp
Here is the second and lighter outfit! Red was the centre of attention in my first set, whereas pink is in the centre in my second set. I love how the colour of the top and the high heels match up together with the skirt. I am not exactly obsessed with this top – I’ve actually searched for a white one. However, I spent a lot of time searching for a top that would perfectly match up with the skirt, I eventually gave up and just decided to use this one. It’s not my obvious choice, that’s why I thought I could spice my blog up a bit by surprising you with a different choice.

Which set do you like better? The first and darker one or the second, lighter one? What do you think of this skirt? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments!


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