J E A N + Happy anniversary to me!

When the sun gets out, leather jackets slowly start losing their charm – because it feels as wearing one of them is going to result in you burning to death. If it came down to it, I would normally prefer leather over jean, but I have to admit I like some jean items that are girly and cute.

Celozaslonski zajem 5.7.2016 170216.bmpThis set exactly seems girly and cute, but it still has a touch of elegance. I love the high heels, especially because they match the light jeans – and the tone of the colour suits beautifully with the gentle pink. I like combining gentle colours together. We would feel hot in this top, so it’s not the most practical item ever, but I like the cut of it and I thought it matches the girliness. This is different from what I normally create, yet I still find it wearable!

Celozaslonski zajem 5.7.2016 170202.bmpI am normally one of those people that don’t like combining jean with jean – I think it can come off as overdone. However, I like this combination of the gentle yellow and blue. I think I would have destroyed it if I paired the pants with something other than the jacket I picked. The bag here isn’t needed – exactly because of the “boring” black colour – but I’ve included it just in case. Because of the cut of the top, we could have added a necklace, but I wanted to keep the outfit simple.

Which set do you guys prefer? Let me know in the comments!

You know it from the title of this post already, but I am celebrating my first anniversary over here! It’s been an ENTIRE year since I wrote my first post. It’s been such a ride! I’ve created tons of sets and critized many of the red carpet choices. I am just glad I kept on going. This blog has definitely changed since the beginning and I promise you guys you can expect more from me in the future.

Here are couple of my favorite sets I’ve published in the last year. What are/were your favorite? Check out my Instagram for a better view 🙂

Lastly … I hope we (the fashion lovers) will keep on connecting, because I do learn a lot from you all!

Till next time!


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