Playing with styling: Chariot

Before you publish a set, you want it to be perfect … Or at least AS perfect as it can be. That’s why I try multiple of choices. Sometimes the first choice works and I am pleased with whatever I created and sometimes it takes me longer to succeed. This time, I was pleased with the first choice, but I was curious what are other ways to style some of the items.

Celozaslonski zajem 7.7.2016 111324.bmpThe top is one of my favorite items I’ve used recently. I like the girliness of it, yet the bare shoulders make you look sexy. It’s a vintage, but timeless item. You definitely have to style it with a high-waisted item, therefore I used the white skirt that matches the dots of the top. I’ve actually thought about using pants, but they’re extremely formal and draw out the fun that the skirt draws in. Using flat shoes would probably be a bit more logical, but I wanted the outfit to be a bit more fashionable and not just wearable for walks with your dog. I added the hat for one reason – I love hats and I think it suits the outfit! 😀

Celozaslonski zajem 7.7.2016 111418.bmpAnd here is another way you can style the top (and the shoes). If you don’t consider yourself to be overly girly and skirts aren’t your favorite thing on the Earth, you can use the jeans. The outfit is not as bright, but it still doesn’t resemble the hard, rock look. If it wasn’t for the shoes, this is the kind of an outfit you can wear every day to school or a walk outside. The shoes truly bring this outfit to a more fashionable level. And I haven’t mentioned yet that I in fact love them. I think they’re beautiful, I love the shine of the red colour that just gets your attention.

Which set do you like better, why and would you consider wearing either of these sets? Let me know in the comments! 


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