Friday’s Five Favorites

Hello guys! Are you ready for the first official “Friday’s five favorites”? Here we go!
(Just a reminder that these items do not work together as an outfit, you can find my previous outfits on the blog. I have never used these items before and I love them individually, that’s why I’ve decided to present them individually as well.)

Celozaslonski zajem 28.7.2016 165325.bmp

Joseph Fran had a very original idea to create a shirt-inspired skirt. Wearing a jumper around a skirt is the new trend, but he combined that into a one simple item. It has been challenging for me to find a way to style this skirt with a proper top, as it surprisingly has both a sporty and an elegant vibe … However, just as it is challenging, it is also something special.

Celozaslonski zajem 28.7.2016 165541.bmpAnother trend is wearing tops with bare shoulders. The top itself might be a bit too short, but that’s not an issue if we style it properly. First option is to combine it with cropped trousers and high heels, that’s incredibly popular. However, this item isn’t too elegant, so we could just as easily style it with a flowy long skirt. It all depends what your style is. Either way, I love the girliness and simpleness of this top.

Celozaslonski zajem 28.7.2016 165442.bmpIt’s summer in my city, but I am getting nostalgic. I love wearing flowy and long coats, I feel extra fashionable in them! With summer, clothes feel sticky and annoying – I don’t feel either fashionable or confident. This coat from Bruce by Bruce Oldfield therefore deserves a shoutout in this post. I love the pattern, the length … And the fact that there are no buttons. I prefer wearing opened jackets and coats than I do closed.

Celozaslonski zajem 28.7.2016 165619.bmpJust the other day, I was playing around and searching for new items on Polyvore and I found these Love Mochino Heart flats. At first, I wished these shoes were in fact high heels, because I think they’d look even more fashionable! Then I remembered sometimes flats sound like the perfect choice, yet we still want to feel confident and beautiful. The selections of flats are rather sad, the shoes hardly ever look stylish, but these definitely don’t lack fashion! I love the heart element, because it can brighten up an all-black outfit. I also like the zipper on the sides. Even though it has no function what-so-ever, it’s a beautiful addition.

Celozaslonski zajem 28.7.2016 165510.bmpThe last item I want to give a shout-out to is this beautiful Athens skirt. I love everything about it – the black lines that are asymetric and therefore interesting, the colour of the pink and the beautiful artsy rose on the side. Because of its colour palette, we can style it next to almost any colour – black, white, blue, pink … And the beauty of this is that the top and the shoes can be simple, because the skirt definitely isn’t.

That’s all! If you’d like to see styling choices with these items, let me know. If you want to buy any of the items, also let me know. Also, do not hesitate to comment down below which item is your favorite.

Don’t forget – 2016 Teen Choice Awards are happening 31st July! For everyone who is nostalgic, you can check out my 2015 Teen Choice Awards’ favorite looks over here. I will, of course, be publishing a post of 2016’s red carpet looks shortly after the event, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂
Till next time!


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