Red carpet: TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2016

Hello everybody! I haven’t done a red carpet recap in awhile, so let’s start this as soon as possible, I am getting excited! Let me start off with my favorite looks.

Jessica Alba is one of my favorite celebrity women. I love how she applies some natural make-up, wears an all black outfit and yet she looks incredibly chic and formal. She is a lady. This is the kind of an outfit that I would love to wear myself, I think her stylists did a great job. She is wearing David Koma with a M2MALLETIER bag.

Lucy Hale was on my list of best dressed of TCAs in 2015 and I am glad I can put her on the list this year as well! I like the styling – the minimalistic make-up and the gentle colours of the dress. I’ve gotten used to seeing Lucy in bright colours such as red and blue, but this suits her better! She is wearing Azzaro Couture.

Victoria Justice also appeared on my list of best dressed of TCAs in 2015 and now again! What can I say, when a lady has style, that’s just it. I once again love the minimalistic make-up, her hair (and the gorgeous smile she is wearing – one of the most important “accessories”) and the asymetrical dress. The dress actually isn’t my personal style,  but Victoria pulls it off amazingly. It suits her skin tone and the rest of the palette. She is wearing Versace.

Sarah Hyland is rocking the blue and red palette. I like how she only used those two colours, so everything matches. I have to admit that I liked her 2015 red carpet look with a yellow two piece outfit more, but this asymetrical dress suits her, as well. She is wearing a creation from J.Mendel. I only don’t like the way they styled her hair this year, I think it makes her look older. She is young and beautiful, so why do that?

On to my less favorite outfits … Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals
On our left is Kat Graham on this year’s TCAs and on our right is Kat Graham on TCA in 2013. I don’t like this year’s outfit because I KNOW she can do better. She has some badass style – she always looks amazing on comic cons (and as our proof, on some earlier red carpets), but this dress doesn’t suit her figure, the colour palette is badly put together and her hair stylist just added her 5 more years than she is in fact old.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Ashley Benson‘s TCA look from 2011 (right) and she has tons of great red carpet looks, but this year’s look on the left just isn’t working for me. The cut of the dress doesn’t show off her incredible figure the way it should (it adds her at least 5 pounds more that she doesn’t have) and the colour is blend and boring (and therefore makes her look older). I can accept the hair and make-up styling, but the dress … That I can’t accept.

I don’t like Tallia Storm‘s outfit either. Her hair and make-up artist did a good job, but that dress is just all over the place. The upper part of the dress looks like something you put on when you are having dance rehersals. The rest of the dress? I don’t even know where to put it. And I could think about forgiving the dress if the shoes weren’t this blend and the purse actually matched the dress, but neither is happening.

Then here are the outfits that have potential, but didn’t make it just yet …

2016-teen-choice-awards-lea-michele-2 Lea-Michele-Hair-Makeup-2016-Teen-Choice-Awards.jpg
Lea Michele. I respect the pattern matching her stylist did. I also love the top and the shoes individually. However, something doesn’t work well for me. Maybe if the skirt was tighter, if the shoes were in fact blue to match up the colour of the top … And maybe if her hair stylist redid her hair (that medium split isn’t doing her justice) … I’d be more excited about the entire outfit. It’s … OK. She can do better.

keke palmer and 70s vibekeke-palmer-teen-choice-awards-2016-in-inglewood-ca-5
Keke Palmer went all in with the 70s vibe. The reason she is not on the list of best dressed is that I have a big pet peeve with the shiny fashion … However, I think she was incredibly original and brave for pulling this off, so she deserves some credits. The creation was made by The Blonds.
I like Chanel Iman‘s (left) flowy skirt, but the top ruins it for me. I don’t think they match as well as they could. If the top was strapless, the fabric of the top was the same as it is of the skirt and she combined a simple necklace with it, this outfit would look so much better. I like her hair. I would maybe put it up in a bun if the outfit looked the way I described it. Kelsea Ballerini (right) has a gorgeous styling going on, I just wish the shoes were different. Bottom line, I just hardly dislike the shoes.

Wow, I really didn’t hold back with the comments, did I? I think you’ll be happy to know I am done! 😀

I still have to watch the awards, but congratulations go to all of the winners! I am especially excited about Captain America: Civil War (Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy), Chris Evans (actor in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy), Thomas Brodie-Sangster & Dylan O’Brien (Choice Movie: chemistry) and Little Mix (international artist). When it comes to other choices … It’s Teen awards. That’s pretty obvious.

I hope everyone who attended the awards had a good time! Till next time!


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