Lighter tone

It’s almost as if this summer is pulling the darker tone out of me and bringing the ligter tone in – I am buying light lipstics, creating light sets … For all of you who are not fans of the black colour, this is more than an awesome surprise, I am sure.

Celozaslonski zajem 3.8.2016 153204.bmp Let’s look at the first outfit. I’d say this is more or less girly – the skirt is flowy and the white colour brings the innocence. I love the fact that it’s high waisted, because that’s a must for me with a skirt. I love the fact that the top seems a bit formal on its own, but it’s not overly complicated, so it still suits with everything else. The purse is just an interesting accessory more than anything else. The shoes… Oh, they are my favorite item! I wanted to bring a tad of blue into this outfit, because I thought I would overreact with the pink and white palette otherwise. This way, the heels bring in the attention, but they’re gentle just as everything else is, so they still fit in.

Celozaslonski zajem 3.8.2016 154536.bmp.jpgThe second set is proof that the top can be used in a formal combination too. It depends whether this is work-material, but it feels less girly, which is a start, and more professional. The high heels are my favorite item in this second set, because they include both the colour of the top and the colour of the pants/blazer. I love it. Everything else is just … simple and gentle … I’ve always wanted to own a pair of white pants, because they seems so soothing.

Celozaslonski zajem 3.8.2016 152943.bmp

And here’s another outfit. Even though the skirt seems quite formal, I can imagine somebody wearing this on a night walk around the beach. It gives me that kind of a feeling. It’s comfortable, not overly complicated, light … And it doesn’t include high heels, which is a suprise, because I love adding those whenever I can 😛


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