Formal summer

It’s hard to define what exactly “formal” is. If you want to dress up for a wedding/birthday/etc. celebrations, you need to look somewhat formal. Of course, it depends where the party is. When you dress up for work, you need to look formal, too – if you work at a company, a bank, … Meaning – there isn’t just one type of formal clothing.
As “formal”, I personally define tighter clothes, no patterns, silky materials, high heels … Something like that.

Here is the first set that I consider to be a part of the “formal summer”. The reason why I wanted to create something like this is that the most typical formal outfit is made of a blazer, pants and black high heels. When it comes to formal summer, you need to experiment a bit more. The top is my most favorite item. It combines beautifuly with the skirt. You can’t wear long shirts with a pencil skirt (unless it’s a blouse you can tuck in easily), because you ruin the posture of the skirt. If you tuck in a baggy item, the skirt will look wrinkled. However, if you don’t tuck it in, you hide your hips and bottom. I also love the high heels. They seem pure and not overly complicated, but the cut of the shoes is elegant, special and beautiful. The bag is probably not necessary in this outfit, it all depends where you are going. If it’s a bit late, you can add a blazer, too. I imagine wearing this at a birthday party outside.


The second outfit is a bit darker, it’s more suitable for a night out, because this way we won’t burn to death in the summer. I love how the pants seem very comfortable. The top is the most basic top you can find out there, but the necklace draws in the attention. If you are going out dancing, you can just as easily lose the necklace, but it’s a pretty addition. I also love the high heels, because they fit in with the necklace. This way we don’t wear an all-black outfit, it’s rather a combination between the black and the brown colour. It’s not the most exciting thing ever, but it works.

I think the two sets are different, that way everyone can decide which style is more suitable for them. I’ve tried not to repeat myself and make this post exciting. 


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