OOTD: I’ve been losing sleep

I've been losing sleep

I’ve created this outfit two months ago on my Polyvore account and I’ve decided it was about time to give it some recognition. It’s one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever created, because it screams out “Tamara’s style”. I love the top with the turtleneck. Yes, it tends to be a bit uncomfortable, but only if the material of the top is irritating. The skirt is just fabulous. I normally don’t like maxi skirts, this is an exception, but the lines look awesome and make you look thinner. My favorite item of this outfit, though, are the shoes. They fit in beautifully with this black and white combination. I am also excited about the fact that they are platform shoes, because I have always loved those and wanted to own a pair. I’d buy these shoes in an instant. Then the bag is just a “ray of sunshine”. It brings in some colour to the outfit, but if you’d like to stick to the black&white palette, you can easily change it. I thought it would be a nice addition. And the hat suits this rock style. I haven’t added any rings, but I would definitely use them with this outfit, so everything could look even more badass.

All of these items are sadly sold out (believe me, I am crying, too). Therefore, I won’t post any details.

Do you like this outfit, what is your favorite item and how would you style this to make it look more like your style? Let me know in the comments! And follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of the posts!


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