Throwback …

You’ve all noticed by now that I prefer styling skirts than jeans/pants. Well, here is an outfit I created on my Polyvore account a year ago, when I styled jeans and pants more often than I did skirts! This is a throwback.

set 10082016The reason this set is interesting to me is that it’s not either 100% casual, nor 100% formal. The top is the most plain top you can find, the shirt over it is baggy and comfortable, the jeans are called “boyfriend jeans” for a reason – they are loose and comfortable as well. Then you look at the heels … Those are my favorite item here, by the way … And they’re gorgeous and anything but casual. They fit in with the outfit, because they’re black and plain, but the leather gives them the matte look that isn’t just that plain. The zip detail is one of my favorite details, because it’s not needed, but it gives the heel an interesting addition. I imagine this would be something a celebrity might wear for a quick walk. It’s quick and seems almost lazy, but suffering in the heels pays off, because you look more fabulous with them than you would without them.
If you’re just a plain Jane like I am, you can wear this to school, a walk outside … Just remember to change the fabulous shoes for a pair of flats and you’re ready to go.

Tomorrow, I’ll be writing a “Friday’s five favorites” post! I forgot about the collumn the previous week, but I won’t disappoint you tomorrow.
Bye now!


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