Friday’s five favorites

It’s finally time for a Friday’s five favorites collumn, are you ready?!

friday's five favoriteThe first item I’d like to talk about is this Christopher Esber Looped elemental mini skirt. I am usually not a fan of mini skirts, because they don’t suit my figure, but I like this one, because the details are awesome. The skirt has upfront round buttons that resemble different details of a galaxy. With these colours, you can use the skirt next to either a white or a blue top.

shoesNext up, I absolutely ADORE these platform Oxford shoes. The heel is just right – the shoes are therefore appropriate for both day and night walks. They also have that “vintage” touch that I search for in every shoe. I can just imagine a sophisticated woman in 80s or 90s wearing these. Hint: you might find them in an outfit or two next week 😉

shirtEverything about this top is straight up likeable. I love the fact that it’s black, but the white/purple/pink detail makes it look more interesting. I love the bare shoulders and the ruffle. I imagine styling this next to formal, ankle-cut trousers and some black high heels.

shoessssChristian Louboutin’s gorgeous high heels are my lucky fourth pick. The colour of these shoes is gorgeous and they bring attention if you use them next to more “boring” colours, such as white and black. And look at that shine! I can’t keep my eyes off of them.

romper.jpgI’ve chosen something more … Summer-ish … To wrap this post up. I adore this romper. The white is such a pure colour, but it’s not boring, because the magical blue detail completes it perfectly. I can imagine wearing this on a vacation, when you’re totally loosed and feeling comfortable. I love it. If you style it with a hat, some flats, you’re ready to explore the city of unknown by looking and feeling fabulous.


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