Everyday style

These two sets aren’t as “fashionable” as they could be, but I really wanted to create something for an everyday style. I like dressing up for parties and special occassions, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good when you’re going for a walk or to school/work.

set2Pants with dots used to be incredibly popular in 2000-ish and then they suddenly stopped trending, but it feels like they’re slowly coming back. It’s hard to style them next to formal items, but we can find ways to wear them in everyday style. The top is definitely my most favorite item. I love the fact that it’s not baggy and the sleeves are great. Bare shoulders work poorly on long sleeves, but this is just the perfect length. The hat is one of those items that I use too often, we know that. The shoes are platfrom shoes, which I love, and that’s quite frankly the only reason I decided to use them. I think they’d match the pants well and the high heel is more or less right.


I actually prefer this second set, even though I usually love a badass-rock style (such as the first set has). The scarf is my most favorite item, because it’s a beautiful addition to the sleeveless top. I also love the black and white combination. Even though these items are pretty casual, they look more formal with such a “neutral” combination. And the redness in the shoes is just that “wake up!” addition. The colour brings in attention and we don’t overdo the black&white combination. I’d definitely wear this in real life.

What’s your everyday style like, would you consider wearing this or rather not? Let me know in the comments! Till next time!


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