Hi guys! I’ve always posted my personal Polyvore sets on this blog, but I’ve decided to change the process for the first time. In this special post, I will be posting outfits that created some of the people I follow on Polyvore and I’ll explain what I love about them and therefore giving a shoutout to those accounts.

foreignThis is “Untitled #359” by zalarupar. The reason I think of this as something foreign is the fact that this isn’t necessarily my personal style. I like the top, but I find the sleeves a bit annoying, so I probably wouldn’t use this item in a set. I think the skirt is pretty, but I would style it next to more neutral colours, such as black. Saying that, I am excited the Polyvore user didn’t do that, because she reached out of my personal limits. I like the fact that the bag matches the top and the high heels almost match the bag, but I would definitely change these high heels with a pair of shoes that don’t have a pattern. It seems as if I critized the work of this Polyvore user, but that isn’t the case at all, I was simply explaining why is this foreign to me. However, I still love it. The outfit is not boring at all.

foreign 2This second set is called “Без названия #426” by @songjieun. This is foreign, but it seems a lot closer to me than the first set, because it’s definitely more my style. I love the skirt! It’s awesome. Sometimes you want to go with an all-black outfit, but a beautiful pattern like this brings some energy to the outfit. On the other hand, I don’t like the top, even though it’s very popular. I simply don’t think a top like this would flatter my figure, that’s why I’m staying away from it. I love the shoes and the bag, but because of the skirt, I would rather use a pair of gently blue high heels. That way the skirt matches in more than one way. However, I think this is gorgeous and I would still think about wearing the original outfit without my changes.

foreign 3This third set is called “friday fun clutch” and it was made by @nanawidia. This outfit is, just as the first one, out of my comfort zone. I don’t like pink and I don’t wear it at all. However, I like the structure of this set. I like the fact that the pink is so gentle and everything matches up together – the top, the high heels, the sunglasses and the bag. She toned the pink-ness down by styling blue jeans. It’s clever and awesome. For me, there’s too much pink and I would only consider wearing the top and the high heels seperately. However, if I saw a woman wearing this, I wouldn’t think for a second that she isn’t working it. We are comfortable with what we know best. Therefore, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in this outfit. But that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish the combination.

That’s it. It felt exciting for me to talk about something I didn’t create, I think that’s a cool change. Don’t forget to check out these accounts and also prepare yourself for another post on here tomorrow. It’s a Friday, which means I am preparing a “Friday’s five favorites” post.
Take care!


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