Friday’s five favorites

Tfriday's five favoriteshe first item I’d love to talk about today is this Zahara Structured Top. It features a sweetheart neckline and a figure flattering cropped cut. It even has a discreet back zip! I love the girly vibe of this top, even though I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of pink. But, I like gentle shades, so this is an exception.
It costs 105€ and you can get it at

My second Friday’s favorite item is this Monique Lhuillier skirt. It111.png features a high rise with a fitted waistband, a floor length column silhouette with slip pockets at the hips, and an exaggerated split at the front. I love everything about it. I think it would even fit well with the upper top! This piece is very elegant and tight enough to make your awesome figure pop. The length of the skirt could almost be boring, if it wasn’t for the slip that shows your legs in the most sexy, yet classy way possible. Everything works.
It’s sadly sold out.

These shoes are sadly another sold out item at the cost of only 11€! That’s basically for free. I am not sure how would they work once you put them on your feet, because of all of these details. But I think they are beautiful. I like the opened toe and the gentle shade of the yellow. It’s definitely classy.

yay.jpgMy fourth pick is this top. It seems pretty basic, but the lines make an awesome structure of the top. They’re almost invisible, yet noticeable. I can’t explain it. It’s also made out of 3% elastane. In order for a top to fit beautifuly, it needs to have elastane. You can get this top in other colours, too, such as gentle blue and gentle grey. All of the colours look beautiful, but black fits my personal style best. You can get it for only 28€ at

The tops have all of me attention today. I hope that doesn’t bother any of you, I just stumbled upon great pieces that I wanted to represent, that’s all. I didn’t plan it 😛
This Gillian Velvet Cross Back Bralet top truly won me over. I love the colour, the shiny material, the length and the cross. I admit I’ve had troubles styling it next to anything, but only because I’ve lacked imagination. I’m sure there are great ways to style this beautiful piece. And it costs only 9,29€! What a time to be alive! You can get yours at

It was my main focus to represent the items I love, but to also make sure they’re not overly pricey in case anyone would like to buy something.
Take care and have a fabulous Friday. I hope you treat yourself well today with some new clothing 😉


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