Playing with styling: Girly vibe

I caa932c6af2cfacefb43825696bfc07a68n’t even begin to describe how much this isn’t my style! I always prefer a rock vibe, instead of a girly one. However, sometimes you create a combination of items that you wouldn’t wear, but you still love the idea of it being worn by somebody else. I love the gentle shades of colours. I’ve talked about this top already, it was part of my Friday’s five favorites post, so it only made sense to try to create an outfit with this gorgeous piece. It’s the one thing I’d wear in real life. I like how the necklace makes this outfit look wealthier and I like the fact that the high heels fit in with the top and the necklace. The blue skirt just seems like something you’d put on for a night walk in the summer and it tones down the “formal” vibe of the top and the high heels.

951f28d3b50ead23141e89f43b8ccf60.jpgHere’s another girly outfit. I’ve picked cheap items – the top costs only 10€, the skirt costs 12€, the shoes are 23€ and the necklace is 19€. The bag is the only thing I didn’t pick because it would be cheap, it costs 165€, but I felt like I had to exaggerate with something! 😛
I love the necklace of this outfit, because such a cheap and plain top suddenly stands out. That’s the coolest thing about jewellry: if you wear “bold” clothing, you don’t need any. However, if your clothing seems kind of “boring”, the jewellry will definitely fix that. If you’ve noticed, this outfit actually has the same colour palette as the upper one! I didn’t plan on doing that, but I definitely think these colours seem girlier.

That’s it. Which outfit do you prefer and why? What’s your favorite item all in all? Let me know in the comments! Till next time x


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