OOTD: Floral journey

Unkiss me

It’s time for another Polyvore set post! I’ve created this just couple of days ago and I instantly loved it, because it’s definitely my style. I love how the scarf and the bag match – I love the items both individually and matched together. These kind of silky scarfs are beginning to be more popular – women love wearing them even if it’s not cold outside. It’s more of a fashion statement and it looks great with tops like the one I used, because we’d have a naked neck without the scarf and this way it looks less naked. You don’t have to use a lot of colours in order for an outfit to be interesting. This outfit is a combination of only two colours: black and blue, yet it doesn’t seem boring. The skirt is just fabulous. It will fit your body figure beautifuly and make you look thinner. The high heels are just as beautiful. It’s a shame that they’ll get hidden a bit under that skirt, but we have to wear something! We could just as easily use a shorter black skirt, I am sure it would match the outfit just as much.

All of these items are pretty pricey, I hope nobody is frustrated at that fact, but I don’t check the prices when I’m creating an outfit, because I don’t intend to buy anything anyway. Since the fashion is growing, we can always find similiar items for far less price if we want to. That being said, you can recreate this outfit in other ways.

This combination seems quite formal, there are easy ways how to tone that down, too, but I just love the essence of this outfit, so I haven’t tried using anything else.

What do you think of this? And don’t forget! Tomorrow is a Friday, so I will be making a Friday’s five favorites post. Be there or be square 😛


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