Friday’s five favorites

I don’t know why (or since when foCelozaslonski zajem 26. 08. 2016 173401.bmpr that matter), but I suddenly have a new obsession with scarfs/bandanas. This Ellos Collection one is particularly beautiful. I love the blue&white combination and the shade of the blue is just gorgeous. It costs 11€, which isn’t pricey. Bandanas/scarfs suit both rock and country style and you can use them next to either casual or formal clothing. They’re great.

Celozaslonski zajem 26. 08. 2016 173800.bmpIt looks like blue is a dominant choice in this post. I love this Shrimps Blue Chambray Floral mini skirt. It costs 68€, but it’s sadly sold out. I don’t own or wear mini skirts, ever, but I would consider making an exception this time. I love the details of the pockets and the entire painting of the skirt where different shades of blue link together and connect with a flower pattern. It deserves to be on the list of my Friday’s five favorites.

Celozaslonski zajem 26. 08. 2016 174405.bmpI don’t create Polyvore sets with dresses, but I definitely believe every woman should own as many beautiful dresses as possible. The clothing is easy to style and it brings out a woman’s figure beautifully. That’s why I decided I need to give a shoutout to the Balmain Contrasted Crepe sleeveless mini dress. I once again don’t like the fact that it’s a mini dress, like I didn’t like the mini skirt … But I like the blackness and the gorgeous lines. They’re created with a good understanding of a body, they just flow through the dress. It’s sold out as well.

Celozaslonski zajem 26. 08. 2016 174808.bmp.jpgI love John Lewis’ clothing, which you might have noticed, because I often use their items in my sets. This Miss Selfridge Petite Gingham Shell top costs only 26€ and is an item from John Lewis. One of my favorite colour combinations is the black and white, so this seems particularly like my stlye. I also like the dots. I can imagine styling this top next to either white/black formal pants or a casual pair of jeans. Both works, that’s the beauti of it. Plus, your figure will look fabulous, because even though it’s a tight item, the pattern “hides your insecurities” a bit.

Celozaslonski zajem 26. 08. 2016 175421.bmp.jpgThe last item I picked are these gorgeous heels and I’m ending the post with style and a … Big price. They cost 615€, because they’re Jimmy Choo’s, but you can find similiar heels far less pricey in other “simple” shops, so no worries. I love everything about these shoes. I love the nude colour, the heel isn’t too high, the posture of the shoe itself is gorgeous and the ankle strap won me over. I love ankle straps on high heels, so I truly can’t find a mistake with these shoes.


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