Playing with styling: Tunnel vision

It’s once again time to play with styling! Let’s go.

yI’ve tried creating tons of sets with this gorgeous blue top. I always ended up feeling disappointed. The top reminds me of an upper part of a dress that a princess would wear to a party, so I wanted perfection. My problem was that I didn’t look at it as an upper part of a dress at first, so I ended up styling it with black elegant pants. I thought it would work together, but the entire outfit ended up being so dark and sad. I felt like I can do better! Then I created this set and even though the blue is dark, the outfit seems full of life, fun and kind of girly. I definitely love this combination! The top isn’t the only thing I love, the skirt is just as beautiful. It’s actually very simple, but the length is perfect and I love the high waist. The shoes are magical, too!

Celozaslonski zajem 27. 08. 2016 155851.bmpI prefer the first set, but here is another way of styling the gorgeous top. I’ve really tried using items I normally wouldn’t – not together, at least. I would never consider styling the gentle pink coat next to this top, I’d prefer using black. I always try combining dark with more dark and light with more light, but now I’m trying to experiment a bit and mix dark colours with light ones. The combination is actually more lovable. And this top looked sad with a combination of black, like I said in the beginning. I did use formal pants this time, but white ones seem a lot different from the black ones, because … Obviously, they’re not dark. I don’t know what is it about this set, but I just like it, that’s it. It’s not “brave”, but it’s not boring either.

Which set do you prefer? Let me know in the comments! Till next time 😉


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