Red carpet: VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2016

Hi guys! It’s time for another red carpet post, which makes me excited, because those posts are my favorite ones. I already watched the entire show and I’ve picked couple of red carpet outfits I liked, but I have to say this red carpet wasn’t my favorite. The looks aren’t horrible, I’ve gathered tons of mediocre, nice looks, but … I didn’t find even one that would make me go “wow!”. Anyway … Let’s just begin.

Tinashe (left) actually resembles Eva Longoria a bit in this picture. I like her make up and I like the “scarf” detail around her neck, plus the colour of the dress is awesome. The dress is a bit baggy, but it suits her thin figure. Holland Roden‘s look (right) disappointed a bit, just because she has a gorgeous figure and this … Coat? It ruins it for her. If she went with a killer ponytail and a jumpsuit, she’d look bombastic! I like the angelic vibe of the white, but this is such a waste …
zara-larsson-mtv-vma-red-carpet-2016-billboard-1240Winnie Harlow
Zara Larsson (left) looked gorgeous, I love the job that her make-up and hair stylists did, because it suits her. I cherish the fact that the dress isn’t flat and boring. It has some avangarde elements, but I admit I wouldn’t wear it myself. I also think she could have picked prettier pair of shoes, but I like the ankle strap. Winnie Harlow (right) looked just as gorgeous. I like the fact that the dress has two different parts – upper and lower. I wish the colour of the dress was different, but at the same time black is the safe choice, so at least she tried something different. I love her hair!

naomi cambellNaomi Campbell arrives in the press room at MTV Awards
The left dress that Naomi Campbell wore on the red carpet is pretty, but it’s also mediocre. The right dress is the dress that she wore on the actual awards before she presented Rihanna’s performance and it suits her so much better. That should have been her original look. Too bad it wasn’t.

Liliana VazquezHALSEY
The outfit that Lilliana Vazquez is wearing is something I’d consider wearing myself. It’s very my style. However, I wouldn’t pick it for a red carpet look. Sure, this is not the Grammys or the Oscars, so you don’t want to overdress yourself, but she still could have upgraded the original look. If she just added a  diamond necklace and put her hair in a bum, it would have already looked a lot different. The material of Halsey’s (right) jumpsuit bothers my eye. If she fixed that, it could have been a bombastic look. I like her hair and make-up, though.

HAILEY BALDWINgettyimages-597563258
Halsey Baldwin (left) was easily the prettiest woman of the night. Her hair suits her so well! The jumpsuit, on the other hand … Let’s say I see the idea and it suits her. The fact that I’d never wear that kind of a material doesn’t matter, because it’s not my outfit. Ariana Grande (right) always has girly and cute outfits. I would have extended the top, but other than that, I like her outfit. And the ponytail is gorgeous!

I noticed that I liked most of the hair and make-up styling, which means the beauty stylists did a kick-ass job, when the fashion stylist obviously disappointed me, because I keep on trying to fix the outfits 😛 Hailee Steinfeld‘s (left) short dress looks good on her, because she has long legs. I also cherish the bold move to use a bunch of colours. I love the lower part of the dress, but the upper one and the sleeves aren’t my personal style. Carly Aquilino’s (right) decision to use a nude colour was awesome. It’s great for her skin tone. I also once again have to congratulate the beauty stylists, this hair colour is absolutely magical and suits her way better than the red one.

Celozaslonski zajem 29. 08. 2016 170639.bmpCelozaslonski zajem 29. 08. 2016 170646.bmp
Beyonce … She was the star of the night. I’m incredibly glad she won so many awards, her performance was on fire and the Beyonce/Blue Ivy date just makes our hearts melt. That’s that. I had to let that out.

gettyimages-5975629642015 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you know how much I roasted Britney Spear‘s red carpet look last year (right). That’s why I have to admit that she looks gorgeous this year (left). The dress is her style, but it fits her well and it’s quiet and ladylike. She looks a lot better this year. Kuddos to her. Also, her performance was quite OK.

That’s all about the red carpet … Nobody really vowed me, but it wasn’t the worst red carpet ever.
The show itself … Let’s say the hosts were incredibly annoying, but I liked all of the performances and I am happy about 80% of the wins. Rihanna especilly slayed with her last performance of the show (Stay/Diamons/Love on the brain mash-up) and did you know she performed four times all together? They really wanted to make her feel special.

The one that made her feel ESPECIALLY special was Drake with his touching speech for her Vanguard award. It was beautiful.

That’s … That. Which outfits were your favorite, which performance slayed your life and what are your thoughts all in all? Let me know in the comments 😉



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