Playing with styling: Scarf season

After the longest time ever, I have two outfits for you that fit beautifully into a collection!

I jucelozaslonski-zajem-26-09-2016-194533-bmpst love how these items match. I know it’s probably a bit old fashioned – only matching up two colours, because experimenting and being bold is becoming more popular. But, listen, I have to be loyal to my style. Adding a scarf to a bare shoulders top is the easiest fashion trick, because that way you cover the skin a bit, but it’s still sexy and appealing. Every classy woman should go for that statement; not boring, but not slutty. I love the sleeves of the top, they seem fun and easygoing. Tight items are more flattering, but this way we can still breathe! I’ve also said before that I think every woman should own a pencil skirt. They are the most fitting item a woman with a nice body figure can wear. And least but not last are the shoes that seem classy and simple.

celozaslonski-zajem-26-09-2016-194552-bmpHere we have another outfit where I have used a scarf next to a “bare shoulders” top. I truly think they fit best this way. I love the top – bare shoulders are my favorite fashion trend at the moment – and the colour and all of the details are great, too. That cleavage kind of flows on a similiar way that the sleeves did in the first outfit! The pants are great. Sure, they can come off as stiff and – let’s admit, women normally wear these to work … But, I think they are just as fitting to a woman’s figure as a pencil skirt is and I’ll always support these simple, black pants. Beside … The top is interesting enough, so we can go quieter with the pants.

The first outfit is more girly and energizing, whereas the second outfit is dark. It’s something for everyone, based on your style, I think 😀 Which set do you prefer?


OOTD: Quicksand


I don’t know why, but the outfits that I have created lately on my Polyvore account seem different than what I usually do! Maybe you’ll disagree 😀 I created this just a week ago and I love the combination of the grey, white, black and blue. I think it’s an interesting one. I love the top, but I have to admit the fabric doesn’t seem that appealing. The skirt seems like something your grandma might knit for you, only it still seems fresh and modern. It’s a Japanese design and I think it does have that kind of a vibe, Japanese people have stunning fashion pieces. My most favorite item, though, must be the shoes. I don’t usually go crazy about shiny stuff, they just seem overly girly and that’s not my style. However, these shoes look like something a woman might wear to a dance and she’ll look like a princess while having a lot of fun. It seems like the kind of shoes cinderella might wear if that makes sense. I love the straps that help give such a feeling. I think the outfit is a lot of everything put together – different fabrics, colours, styles and occassions to wear the items to … But to me, it works. What do you think?

Red carpet: Emmys 2016 favorite looks

Hello guys! I promised I’d post a red carpet post dedicated to Emmys, didn’t I? This day is coming to an end (almost) in my country, but it takes time to go through all of the moments and the looks 😛

I absolutely love Amy Landecker‘s (left) look. Because of the colours, the material, the design itself and the patterns, the dress looks youtful and girly. I would have changed the upper part of the dress, but I think it looks great on her. Kerry Washington (right) rocked the preggo look, she is going to be one of the prettiest new mommys!

Terrence Howard and Mira Pak didn’t work too hard to match up, that’s obvious, but I love Mira’s dress! It might look a bit like a prom dress, but she looks like a princess in it and the flowy lower bottom of the dress is constructed amazingly. She resembles Naya Rivera a bit in this picture! Viola Davis (right) became one of my favorite women in the industry, I have a lot of respect for her and I love her choice! I haven’t seen her in bright dresses that often, so this makes me excited. Pink suits her so well and she also looks like a princess.

Portia Doubleday (left) could have went with a paler/less bold colour for a dress, because she is very pale herself and nude would look amazing on her, I am sure of that. However, red suits her too and she is gorgeous as ever. I love how Olivia Culpo (right) didn’t play it safe. We haven’t seen anybody wearing a dress like that, but it’s one of my favorite picks. The colours work so well together.

Constance Wu‘s look (left) is probably my favorite look of the night. I don’t know where to start. It has all of my favorite colours, it’s not boring at all, the cleavage is just right, it flows right at the bottom and, the most important thing … She rocks it. Not everyone can pull off a dress like this, but she succeeded. Emmy Rossum (right) looked angelic in white. I love the black colour, but sadly it has become the boring choice at red carpets … White is working it way better and she knew that. The dress point out her body figure beautifully.

The one thing you might not know about me is that I am a huge fan of Mr. Robot (have been since the very beginning, may I point out) and Rami Malek is one of my favorite celebrities right now. He is such a humble, kind guy. The role he has in the show is incredibly complexed, but he does it with such ease. I loved his boyish black and white combination and he won the Emmy for the best actor in drama, which makes me incredibly happy! That was the best part of the awards.

Here are some of the looks that aren’t my favorite, but they almost made it …

I very much respect the bold choice of the colour that Shiri Appleby (left) used. Kristen Bell (right) probably had a lot of fun in this dress, but it doesn’t exactly seem like red carpet material to me.

I love Tori Kelly (left) and I think she looks absolutely gorgeous, but the upper part of the dress seems a bit clumsy, as if it doesn’t fit her right. When I saw Sarah Hyland‘s choice (right) for the first time, I hated it, but it quickly grew on me. I appreaciate the fact that it’s something new, it suits her well, but it’s yet again not exactly red carpet material to me. I love how it flows, though.

Kate McKinnon (left) won me over with the red colour, I am a sucker for red. But … It seems too plain and the bottom part could have fit her better. Emilia Clarke (right) is a gorgeous woman and she rocks the nude colour, but something is missing for me, I don’t quite know what it is … Maybe a necklace or a different upper part of the dress.

Well … With 700 words, I am about to say goodbye! I have yet to see the awards, but the red carpet was one of the better ones, everybody looked beautiful. I also have to congratulate to all of the new Emmy “keepers”.

OOTD: Lions

Hi guys! I am sorry for being unactive for such a long time, but I lose a lot of productivity as school starts (aka I use the productivity for other stuff), so it takes a lot more effort for me to actually make good/any posts. Here I am now though, let’s start with another Polyvore set, shall we?

LionsI’ve created this piece just days ago and I have to admit I’d wear it in real life if I got hands on these cool items. I love the vintage touch of the denim jacket and the simplicity of the black top. We could easily add a necklace with it if we wanted to spice the outfit up. You probably know by now that long skirts a
re my favorites, but I like them tight! I don’t like skinny jeans, because I have big thighs and I feel like I might as well die in them, they’re so uncomfortable for me … But I love when a black skirt fits you well, points out your figure (aka that great ass :P) and you immediately feel so much more feminine and prettier. For a touch of colour, I had to use these gorgeous red heels. Chances are you won’t even see them, they might get covered by the skirt, but they’re an important part of the outfit nonetheless. The bag and the hat close the outfit up. This feels like rock, girliness and feminism all together and I really do love it.What do you think of it, would you wear this or what are the items that you would change?

Also, remember! The Emmys are this weekend (2 am Monday for my Slovenian friends, isn’t that great …?) and I will definitely have a red carpet post for you ready soon!

Take care,

Sunday’s five favorites

Hi guys! I normally have a “Friday’s five favorites” column, but this week was totally crazy, so I didn’t have any time for a post. I’ve decided not to skip it, though, because I love giving shoutouts to pretty clothing, so here is a post anyway.

Celozaslonski zajem 4. 09. 2016 115829.bmpMy number one pick is the Vampire Mouth Crop Top. The reason I love it so much is because of the rock vibe it has. I love rock clothing. I wouldn’t call myself a rocker exactly, but I’d say I have a sense of one if that makes sense! The pink and the black work beautifully together. If there’d be no motive, the top would look plain and boring, but this way it couldn’t be more perfect. You can get one at Sandysshop for only 8,87€ aka 9,90$.

Karl Lagerfeld K/Kocktail Karl pouch is sadly moreCelozaslonski zajem 4. 09. 2016 120506.bmp.jpg expensive (at the cost of 135€), but there’s something about it that pulls me closer. The colours work beautifully together, the entire design is well thought and the “sunglasses” give it a cool vibe. If you go in with a simple, all-blue outfit, this purse will make it pop. You can buy it here.

Celozaslonski zajem 4. 09. 2016 120918.bmp.jpgI’m sadly (yet) not going back to less expensive items, because this Roland Mouret Tabley mini dress costs 830€ (and that is the REDUCED price, may I say). I won’t lie, I personally think it’s not worth the money at all. It’s worth of making a cheaper copy, though 😛 I love how the waist is coloured with black, because that will make you look thinner for sure, yet the dress is grey. The length is perfect, but he upper part of the dress is my favorite.

Celozaslonski zajem 4. 09. 2016 121447.bmp.jpgWe have to be careful while wearing this Dorothy Perkins mini skirt, because the motive could look like a tablecloth. However … I love the whiteness, the innocence of the skirt and while there isn’t much going on, it’s still not boring. It has a girly vibe, yet it has the potential to make your figure pop in all the ways you want to. It costs 49€, which isn’t expensive, but like I’ve said … The motive makes me a bit sceptical.

Celozaslonski zajem 4. 09. 2016 122155.bmp
I’m finishing off with Black point Suede flats that are now reduced to only 17€ (you better get them quickly!). I think they have a minor technical issue … My personal opinion is that the covered space should be a bit smaller in order for the shoes to look more appealing. However, I love the fact that they are black and flat, plus they have the feminine ankle strap. Awesome!