OOTD: Lions

Hi guys! I am sorry for being unactive for such a long time, but I lose a lot of productivity as school starts (aka I use the productivity for other stuff), so it takes a lot more effort for me to actually make good/any posts. Here I am now though, let’s start with another Polyvore set, shall we?

LionsI’ve created this piece just days ago and I have to admit I’d wear it in real life if I got hands on these cool items. I love the vintage touch of the denim jacket and the simplicity of the black top. We could easily add a necklace with it if we wanted to spice the outfit up. You probably know by now that long skirts a
re my favorites, but I like them tight! I don’t like skinny jeans, because I have big thighs and I feel like I might as well die in them, they’re so uncomfortable for me … But I love when a black skirt fits you well, points out your figure (aka that great ass :P) and you immediately feel so much more feminine and prettier. For a touch of colour, I had to use these gorgeous red heels. Chances are you won’t even see them, they might get covered by the skirt, but they’re an important part of the outfit nonetheless. The bag and the hat close the outfit up. This feels like rock, girliness and feminism all together and I really do love it.What do you think of it, would you wear this or what are the items that you would change?

Also, remember! The Emmys are this weekend (2 am Monday for my Slovenian friends, isn’t that great …?) and I will definitely have a red carpet post for you ready soon!

Take care,


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