OOTD: Quicksand


I don’t know why, but the outfits that I have created lately on my Polyvore account seem different than what I usually do! Maybe you’ll disagree 😀 I created this just a week ago and I love the combination of the grey, white, black and blue. I think it’s an interesting one. I love the top, but I have to admit the fabric doesn’t seem that appealing. The skirt seems like something your grandma might knit for you, only it still seems fresh and modern. It’s a Japanese design and I think it does have that kind of a vibe, Japanese people have stunning fashion pieces. My most favorite item, though, must be the shoes. I don’t usually go crazy about shiny stuff, they just seem overly girly and that’s not my style. However, these shoes look like something a woman might wear to a dance and she’ll look like a princess while having a lot of fun. It seems like the kind of shoes cinderella might wear if that makes sense. I love the straps that help give such a feeling. I think the outfit is a lot of everything put together – different fabrics, colours, styles and occassions to wear the items to … But to me, it works. What do you think?


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