Playing with styling: Scarf season

After the longest time ever, I have two outfits for you that fit beautifully into a collection!

I jucelozaslonski-zajem-26-09-2016-194533-bmpst love how these items match. I know it’s probably a bit old fashioned – only matching up two colours, because experimenting and being bold is becoming more popular. But, listen, I have to be loyal to my style. Adding a scarf to a bare shoulders top is the easiest fashion trick, because that way you cover the skin a bit, but it’s still sexy and appealing. Every classy woman should go for that statement; not boring, but not slutty. I love the sleeves of the top, they seem fun and easygoing. Tight items are more flattering, but this way we can still breathe! I’ve also said before that I think every woman should own a pencil skirt. They are the most fitting item a woman with a nice body figure can wear. And least but not last are the shoes that seem classy and simple.

celozaslonski-zajem-26-09-2016-194552-bmpHere we have another outfit where I have used a scarf next to a “bare shoulders” top. I truly think they fit best this way. I love the top – bare shoulders are my favorite fashion trend at the moment – and the colour and all of the details are great, too. That cleavage kind of flows on a similiar way that the sleeves did in the first outfit! The pants are great. Sure, they can come off as stiff and – let’s admit, women normally wear these to work … But, I think they are just as fitting to a woman’s figure as a pencil skirt is and I’ll always support these simple, black pants. Beside … The top is interesting enough, so we can go quieter with the pants.

The first outfit is more girly and energizing, whereas the second outfit is dark. It’s something for everyone, based on your style, I think 😀 Which set do you prefer?


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