OOTD: Feels like a kick in the teeth

Feels like a kick in the teeth

The reason I love this outfit so much is that it seems like the most comfy outfit I have ever created. The straps of the top give you a summer, beach-y vibe. The blackness brings the fashionista feeling. These pants have been trending couple of years now. The holes are modern, the colour is fresh and once and for all – women that aren’t model-like-thin can in fact feel comfortable in something. What a miracle. The high heels are the only item that bring this whole outfit to a higher level. If you don’t feel like wearing them, you can change them for a pair of flats and you’ll have an outfit for a very easy walk. Both works, I’d say.

Hollister Co slim shirt
€13 – hollisterco.com

Boyfriend fit jeans
€23 – stylemoi.nu

Dee Keller pointed heel shoes
€265 – ifchic.com

Yves saint laurent bag
€1.765 – forwardforward.com

Eugenia Kim woolen hat
brandoutlet.comI’ve put up the details of the items this time, because some of them aren’t all that expensive! 🙂 What do you think of the outfit?


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