Playing with styling: A top with lines

My favorite column on my blog is “playing with styling”, because it really points out the fact that you can wear one item in millions of ways. You can create badass and girly combinations, casual and formal ones, colorful and neutral ones … Nothing will stop you.

8bad745756d6f016a683b6fd5f68b3e8.jpgThis time, I am creating with a top. I’m letting you know that upfront, so you can notice the different styling options a bit clearer.
Because of the lines and the design, we won’t be able to use this item for a very formal look. I could create it next to formal pants and an easy-going coat, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for work meetings, etc.

This is really not my style, but I still love the combination, I can’t explain why. It just reminds me of an outfit you can wear when you go out – it’s pretty relaxed, but individual elements of the outfit make it look less casual. Like, the shoes, for an example. I love them! I love that detail on the front, it looks so incredibly expensive. Just because of the shoes, the entire outfit seems like an upgraded version of something that you would normally wear at home. You didn’t put too much effort into an outfit, but it still makes sense and you don’t look … “Tired”.

I think these two outfits aren’t that different one from another, they seem like they suit into the same kind of a style, because neither of them is overly girly and colourful. However, the top still looks a lot different when you use it with different items. I really wanted to use a bright overall, because I didn’t want this outfit to be as dark as the first one. I’d love using brighter shoes too, but these popped onto my feed first and I just decided to use them 😀 If you add jewellry, you’ll pop the outfit even more. If you ask me, I think that both looks are casual and have elements of rock, but they also seem a bit feminine and definitely not too casual.


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