OOTD: Hopeful


I’ve actually experimented with this set quite a lot, because I have tons of saved items on Polyvore and I wanted to incorporate some of them in an outfit. This was the result. My most favorite thing is that this has a soul of a rocker – it’s black, the skirt is badass, the purse is something special. And yet the colour of the top and the colour of the heels give this whole outfit a feminine energy and some sense of life. I always pair up the shoes with one of the colours that are present with any of the other items. Because the top is so beautifully colorful, I really wanted to include either blue, red, purple or green. And the red high heels always suit so well with a rock vibe, so I really didn’t have to overthink it. The top is defined as a “sports bra”, but I really like the whole idea of it and I think it doesn’t have a loud sporty vibe, so I just decided to use it nonetheless. The coat has some kind of an Asian vibe to me … I can see an Asian styled woman wearing this with a “half bun”, I think that’d look amazing. The skirt is almost too short for my personal taste, but the coat is long enough to cover the skirt and what-else, so I think it’s a combination that works.

East coat
€68 – johnlewis.com

Acne Studios a line skirt
€275 – net-a-porter.com

Mara Hoffman sports bra
€140 – net-a-porter.com

Kurt Geiger red shoes
€355 – shopbop.com

Lulu Guinness satchel purse
€285 – thehut.com

Sure, the items are quite expensive, but don’t forget that you can always take out the idea of an outfit and create a less expensive one. When I make the outfits, I don’t plan on wearing them in real life, so I don’t like being tied up with ideas.What do you think of this outfit, do you find it wearable or would you have to change couple of things? Let me know in the comments!


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