OOTD: A bit of black, white and blue

My mom is not the boldescelozaslonski-zajem-5-11-2016-191521-bmpt person when it comes to fashion, but she always said to me that I have to match my clothing. The result of that is that I’m not the most bold fashionista, either, but trying to match the colours truly is fun to me and it helps you look somewhat stylish. Looking at this outfit, trying to get the colours together into a … harmony … was truly cool to me. You know by now that I truly love skirts. I love how this particular one flows and I love the bottom pattern. It works well with the high heel, which is overflowing … The colour of it starts at white and it “becomes” blue. It’s interesting. The outfit could have been cooler if I used different shades of blue, instead of just going safe with black in the top, the hat and the purse … However, I felt like blue was dark enough that it could “overflow” into black. And it makes sense.

Would you style anything differently, what’s your favorite item? Let me know in the comments!


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