Playing with styling: Using WHITE

Hello guys! I try making 50% of darker outfits and 50% of lighter ones, because I know everybody has their style and I also don’t want to repeat myself too much by stating the obvious – that I love a little rock ‘n roll in fashion. I’ve decided to use a bit lighter outfits this time around!

celozaslonski-zajem-5-11-2016-101946-bmpI love the girly essence of this outfit; you can easily choose it for a family gathering, lighter birthday parties, etc. I feel as if the top needs to be styled next to a white colour, because otherwise it could get boring. This way, the outfit isn’t either too dark, nor too light and every item stands out on its own. I love the shape of the skirt that isn’t tight, but it’s also not fluffy or “cheap”. The shoes have to be my favorite item, though, because I love the colour, the shine and the little ankle strap. If shoes have an ankle strap, I’ve already mentally bought them.

celozaslonski-zajem-5-11-2016-101951-bmpThis second outfit is more casual and you can wear it on regular days. Even though it doesn’t have the girly or formal essence, I still think it’s not boring. The shoes are my absolute favorite, they kick ass! I have an obsession with vintage things and I could just see Rachel or Monica wearing these in Friends. I like how the pants seem formal, but that tones down next to the other items. The top is light and easy-flowing. I’ve considered using it in other style combinations at first, but I found myself struggling. I think it suits perfectly with this outfit and it was meant to be this way 😛

Which outfit do you prefer and why; would you consider wearing any of the two? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you have any requests for styling, let me know. I love a little challenge 😉


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