Red carpet: AMAS 2016 – Review

Hi guys! I’ve mostly gathered my favorite looks from the AMAs, but there are a couple of misses I’d like to talk about, as well. Let’s get right into it!

The left picture is proof that Selena Gomez has had a great red carpet pick before (this is a look from the 2015 AMAs), but she shined this year (right). I think she was a real princess. The flow, the structure of the dress and her styling in general make this the look of the night for me.

Let’s continue with some rock ‘n’ roll, shall we?! Jenny McCarthy (left) looks stunning with her black eyeliner, black clothing and a simple necklace with slicked hair. All in all, her outfit isn’t anything complicated, but everything works beautifully together. Kerri Kasem rocked, too! I love the upper part of the dress. I might not be excited about that detail on her shoulder, but at least it’s original.

I LOVE Zoe Saldana‘s look. Why? Because it’s original and I don’t think anyone would rock this outfit the way she did. if I wore a dress like that, I’d totally ruin it. With her, though, it looks absolutely fabulous. She wears the dress, not the other way around.

It’s time for some paler colours, do you agree? Jess Bauer (left) looks so cute with this styling! The nude suits her so well and all of the clothes make her figure look great. The necklace looks expensive as hell and her hair is so girly. Keltie Knight‘s look (right) somehow screams country glamour to me. Does that make sense? I’m not obsessed with the sparkly detail and I think it SHOULD have been constructed better around the shoes … But, otherwise, I think it suits her.

Was there ever a time when Nina Dobrev (left) didn’t look absolutely gorgeous at a red carpet? I’m not obsessed with the pattern, it wouldn’t be my personal pick, but she can pull it off. She could pull anything off, I’m guessing. Liz Hernandez‘s look (right) is one of my favorites! The pattern is so great, but not overrated, the colour is just right, the shape is so fun and feminine, yet not overly revealing. A+

These two looks “almost made it” to me. Lilliana Vazquez (left) brought the galaxy with her and it looks so nice. It’s not a popular pick, it’s original and interesting. There’s just something that’s missing for me … Maybe a different construction of the dress or less fluffy sleeves. Julianne Hough definitely fits into the catefory of “women crushes”. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I just wish the material of the upper part of the dress was a bit different. I still love the originality and the style, though!

I wish I didn’t have to mention two of the looks that were, for me, by far the worst picks of the night, but … I’ll have to. Kat Graham (left) is such a stunning woman, but her stylists are doing her NO FAVOUR! The upper part of the dress isn’t that horrific, but what’s up with the bottom? Where do I begin?! Her lady part looks absolutely crushed and the net is so far from making her look feminine. On the other hand, Lauren Giraldo (right) went with a costume. The nude isn’t that bad, but what’s up with that dress train behind her? And if this is her style, why didn’t she use a coat over it instead and add a hat? We’ve seen Madonna rock similiar outfits to these, so did Lady Gaga … If you style it right, it can look right.

See. Both Bella Thorne (left) and Laura Marano (right) did something pretty risky, but they styled the outfits right and they rocked them on their own ways.

There are more red carpet picks that I could have talked about, but I’ll just wrap this baby up and not ramble on for too long 😛
What was your favorite red carpet look, which one was the worst for you? Let me know in the comments!


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