OOTD: My Maria

It happens more often than someone would think that I create an outfit I absolutely love, but wouldn’t consider wearing it for. This outfit is one of those. Why? I wouldn’t wear the items seperately, but I think they work together as a combination and that’s why I love the outfit, but simply wouldn’t wear it.

celozaslonski-zajem-19-11-2016-201912-bmpTruth be told, I don’t like the top, but I’m fond of how it matches up with the rest of the items. I didn’t want to choose a dark one, because I wanted the outfit to be a bit more uplifting. The skirt is bombastic. I love the colour! I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a short item like this, but it kicks ass! These shoes are one of my favorites. I can’t explain why do I like platforms this much, but they have a vintage essence and I like that. I also can’t imagine pairing up any other shoes next to the skirt and the jacket that I’ve chosen. While we’re at it, let me explain why did I use the leather jacket. I often wear them in real life and I think they’re great (unless it’s hot outside, then you have to be real careful!)

What do you think of this outfit? Which item is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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